Help my brain out :D


So I just found this video on youtube and I am really confused now because the upload is from mid april and it is newcomer festival but I cant remember we had a newcomer festival :smiley: We had like three or four weeks of spring festival and a another festival right before this one seems unlikely. But on the other hand you can see that the 10 pack costs just 40 gems which is a change that was made not too long ago. I am pretty sure I would remember a newcomer festival but I just cant :smiley:


It’s for new players


That means I cant see it even when its actually there?


It’s a festival on all new accounts. If you made a new account now youll see a newcomer festival for x days after starting neo

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Ahhhh, now I understand. Wasnt aware of that. Perfect. Thanks for the explanation.


We get it for 7 days after we first create an account. It comes with all the benefits that came at Christmas so it now costs 40 gems for each 10-pack and each of the featured is 10x chance (before I don’t think they were boosted at all).

With 10x chance on so many limited legendaries it’s a very good egg to put gems into now! Most of the featured are great monsters too.


Hahahaha these guys should have trolled u and then answered u…

We missed all the fun and the look on ur face if we said u missed the third pack during spring festival… damnit!


Hahahaha, that would have been great. Like: Yeah, it was the first pack, Y Draig afterwards and Sakura was the third one. How come you cant remember :joy:


Yeah, its a great egg. And it has Stratus :grimacing: