Thoughts on Elemphox( New Legendary)

What you guys think?

Shadow form skills



A union monster with a REALLY bad identity crisis.

A cool concept but abysmal timing with the special rule going on lmao :skull:

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I spent quite a lot of time doing the test battle and getting my head around all it has to offer. My verdict is:
Generally a bit underpowered.

The holy version seems a bit limited. Nothing stands out as strong and flaming blaze does bad damage. It seems like something that can be left alive too easily because nothing is scary.

The shadow version seems better. Flaming blaze can kill squishier legendaries, thundering strike can give some nice control, stone missile piercing one-shots all legendaries and frozen punch is a nice move to have. It survives alright thanks to hold ground. My issue here is it seems like a weaker Pandamonium in too many ways and, the big problem, it doesn’t do well against mythics at all.

I reckon it will almost exclusively be used in shadow form and with earth teammates so people simply spam 120TU to deal 4500 piercing damage to one-shot legendaries. With good speed and hold ground that’s a perfectly functioning monster, just not amazing power level. I like the concept of the design but think the execution could be a little better, like with Pandamonium on release.

Here’s what I would change:

  • Holy
    • Flaming blaze → Flaming survivor (100TU, deals big damage, deals double damage if 300s has passed)
    • Ice shield → Ice protection (120TU, heal+shield)
    • Thundering rally → Thundering speed (100TU, halves the TU of the target’s next move)
  • Shadow
    • Flaming blaze 120TU → 100TU
    • Frozen punch → deals big damage if the target already has their move TU increased

I don’t know how balanced those buff ideas are and of course this is just from first impressions. However, I think that would breathe more life into the holy version and a couple of the slightly less impressive moves on the shadow version.


Union is type based, not element. I think you meant to say link.

Hrm, you do have a point. It’s not like union monsters; it’s element based. But it’s not like LINK either; there needs to be over half with the same type, not just one? dunno :man_shrugging:

Don’t care + I’m getting it because cool design

Also I’m investing in this monster in case the Devs do a Pandamonium on him


Imagine if it is a part of something like spikies.
That would be cool imo

As usual better looks than is useful :sleepy:

Uhhh yeah uh quick note for everyone getting it I recommend ultra-evolving it asap since the first 2 forms only have gigalux :joy:

The skill Alter Ego could be better an as active skill or one that works in the same way as clone but summons the opposite element instead and can only be used once by each version (so maximum 3 iterations).


Or just make it unlimited use like momo, but with the health pool it has when morphing being the health it has when it changes element and moveset

It’s a little confusing but basically if he has 1500 hp left when he uses his SS as holy, he has 1500 left when he returns as shadow


Id rather have a Galvbane

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