Who would you like to see a shiny version of?

For me it would be a Storm Hellfox (Obvs). Rebirth is one of the coolest SS’s in the game so I’d like it to keep that :blush:

A water Zhulong would be cool because the design is good and it would work well with Link Stealth Water.

Shadow Tagosenshi :octopus:

Dark Auro would also be awesome - gaining the opponents killed monsters.

Holy Searguard.
Fire Tygoron.

These are mine. What are yours?


This might be the best idea you’ve ever had @LemonSqueezy


Hmm… Mostly based on monster design I would say:

-Storm Moku (yellow/blue)
-Dark Infernicorn (Black with green flames)
-Dark Ashterios (Black and purple)
-Holy/Fire Novadrake although I don’t want to make LINK fire a lot stronger :joy:
-Earth Terrordragon (Venom green)
-Fire Delugazar (Blood red)
-Holy Shivadragon (white with gold plate armour)
-Storm Valzareign (Raikou-esque)
-Dark Chronozeros
-Earth Astrogolem (this would combo fantastically with throw teams)


A moku where you have to be winning the match to use him would be great. Red white and blue color scheme

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Glossy Roculosus With the same abilities but charges of energy

Power load 70 TU

Focused Laser Explosion 130 TU

Bloody Fury 130 TU

Gyardia continues 70 TU

Fast Ally Charge 50 TU

Keep ground

Hardened Shell or Stun Immunity :eyes:


Or a Moku that kills your own monsters when you’re winning. Yellow, Orange and black colour scheme :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like we’ll be hearing from Arbor very soon…


Holy tenebris with camouflage entrance


Oh yes!! :heart_eyes:

1) Shadow element Tezcacoatl.

Same colour as before, but darker and the stones he’s made of are cracked, gleaming with a purple glow.

Consume → Sacrifice (20sec, kills an ally on the field to charge)

Gravity Field → Time Freeze

2) Fire element Hiberzor

Colour palette changed to a scale of reds, plus a flaming horn

Sweet Dreams → Wake-up Call (70sec, purifies and gives turn to an ally who’s asleep)

Sleep Immunity → Insomnia

3) Water element Deodragon

Main body coloured in light blue, golden ornaments remain golden

Statline changed to standard defence

Ultrawave (All) → Energy Salvation (130sec)

Bloodthirst → Bloodfury

Grit → Fighting Spirit

4) Holy element Arborgias (@LemonSqueezy how did you know?)

White canopy, yellow glow in the eyes, golden main body, sky blue “clothes”)

Deathstroke moves → unlimited use

Added Death Revenge and Hold Ground


Make clone 160 tu like static and you’ve got a deal :handshake:. I’d also change stealth to stealth ally or purify all

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Shiny Archeonis with No Guard All

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Shiny arborgias with iron wall ally and link poison eater :heart_eyes:


Holy ■■■■ @TNCGodZeus :star_struck:


Shiny Fire Staticsphere

Same move set except his revenge hits enemies and allies like bomboid

There’s your rock lock counter you heathens


Yeeeeah :partying_face:

Shiny motor dragon that gives 2 rockoids instead of 2 shells


Whoops not arborgias I meant the oakthulu partner AP arborbratus :joy:

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Reported for clickbait

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