Thoughts on A.S Posiedon

What do you guys think, is he worth purchasing

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In my opinion, definitely!

Pair him with some bonus +9 abyss mons and stuff gonna be happening, I don’t even want to imagine.

I have 7 of them, so i am gonna consider it

I hope I don’t fight you in pvp when u get him :PPP

I need a stun counter monster too, I’m gonna go for him after I get ankou.

All the F2P can stop complaining now that they have a non limited stun counter.


its too niche not really viable without using any A.S in the current chrono killer meta

You can’t have your cake and eat it too :man_shrugging:t5:


welp is it worth the 12 tickets tho?

I mean a 200% def boost should be able to tank a chrono killer hit unless it from a huge monster with big mouth

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There is also a potential a new mythic

It’s not in the shop yet

(Thought I share it here)


I love the innuendos in this comment :joy:

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You better take your child ■■■■ elsewhere before the mods get involved :joy:

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The mods can’t hurt me I am protected by nova

well what about without them.

Nova won’t save you if you have him frontline against me

Not gonna lie I don’t think he is worth
I mean he can lock himself by using AS summon

I walk in the path @Alvarez you can’t stop nova fl

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Have you bought AS Myst?

I don’t think your sure about that

this isnt a pvp thread btw

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