this is already worrying

when users of large mythical collections play spam ap and poseidon there is a problem in my opinion


I don’t see any difference between A.S. Pusi users tbh


Basically because it stopped your swift true hit on Padrinorca… seems like quite a specific thing to get worried over. It actually looks like you’ve got a good group of monsters to deal with what he has there. He has to sneak attack Padrinorca because it’ll kill Myst with raw slayerbane (or the myst with a second raw chrono killer) so then you have three chances to stealthbane/retribution around Sanctistag + whatever “AP spam” he has behind


Yeah, the FL is good. But as you can see with several posts here in the forum: Even players with large mythic collections who have a ton of other options go for Poseidon Myst because that stuff is so ridiculously OP


I just AP lock them because every AS Myst user except @Arkile has terrible decision making.




The tu for Poseidon GT is too low, dial it up a bit and it will be fine

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I see a Sanctistag, where is the rest of AP spam?

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You’re the only AS Myst player who beat me @Arkile

Everyone else was trash and got AP locked

The fact is that kanna can be replaced by the fox and if I was winning that match and I could win if it weren’t for sakuralisk decided to sleep practically all my team, the fact is that a user with a large mythical collection like that playing spam ap instead To use his myths in a more creative way makes me think that perhaps this strategy is very popular and dominant.

In fact, I think it was after the avieronix or was it the other game that I won, I don’t remember it very well but do I really have to use this fl me too? or a titan to have a chance?

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I think you completely dodged the question lmao

Raw on the give turn and camo entrance will fix him


As a P2W player I agree with this @NoelLemon2

I am all for nerfing free mons

But I am suprised no one is complaining about energy duo as much as Posiedon. Remember when they nerfed 3 unit FL (cani FL) while they left the the 2 version alive(energy version).

Let’s look at similarities:

Cani FL:

  1. 3 units.
  2. One has stun converter and 2 not immune to stun.
  3. After the combo basicly every unit is unplayable because the TUs are super high (cani underdog 136 TU, piercing moves 200 TU on each of the other ones 170 TUs) tho if they piercing blow ones meet high health awakened mythic of their respective elemental advantage they will sac themselves but you shouldn’t build your team around a specific unit that is not popular.
  4. It costs 14/7/7 in total 28 team cost to run this combo not to mention the things you need to play so you don’t get stun lucked like backbite or cannabalize.

Energy FL:

  1. 2 units.
  2. Both are are stun immune and one of them is converter so already better than cani FL.
  3. After the combo THE stun converter gets 200 TU which is the higher TU in this version (while in Cani FL the weak stun units gets the higher TU moves) and 42 TU move so Nauticruiser gets to do its next move straight away like call supply or ELEM accelerate.
  4. the total cost in this situation is 11+15 which 26 (and anybody with team building skills would know that is alot) but it can be higher if you have awakened Auraleus but that is not common at all.

Obviously both have thier own advantages but we can see one is superior to the other one and only the worse one got nerfed and the other meta one is still playable.

You can be F2P and you would still agree with this. Posiedon is too ahead of the meta right now. Maybe in the future they can denerf it or buff it another way but right now, it is too strong.


in fact the point is that the energy fl can only kill 2 units which is perfectly tractable, while it can be stopped immediately with some things in fl, camouflage between them and certainly cani fl was much stronger the theme with Poseidon and dolphins fl is that they are very easy to assemble and can sweep an entire team if you don’t have to stop it and even having to stop them is very difficult to counter

The cani FL and energy FLs you are talking about have different purposes. The two piercing mons target stun protection so you can take control of the match when your tranquilizer enters. Getting two quick kills with auraleus is the opposite of control since you can’t target camo mons. It’s also noticeably slower than piercing cani FLs and is much easier to stop from happening.

I agree with nerfing poseidon, but I think it would be better to reduce the defense buff to 100%, increase abyssal command to 100tu, and maybe buff abyssal calling to summon an A.S. with an element other than the A.S. allies you have on the field.


In addition, give him stun converter instead of counter.

stun flash would not give him a turn if there are other AS on the field then, once did a blitz from raizen against someone who just used purifying stealth on their glaci, suffice to say, the team got stunned and glaci didn’t get a turn, just lost stealth