This new mythic embodies everything AP spam did.

Biggest issue with AP spam was when it was used with Bloom. Or other Camo sweepers. Bloom was the best though. Duscy was used as well. Devs wanted to make things “more balanced” so they destroyed all protectors. This thread is not to complain about that, but to draw attention to the fact that this new mythic pretty much does all of that on its own lol:

Let’s see… It’s a camo monster, that CREATES AP’s… Makes any monster turn into an auto protector but what’s more these monsters can’t be killed by Twighoul… It’s like the devs realised that AP spam was strong and people liked using it so let’s repackage it all in one monster and re-realese.

At least the move ‘scapegoat’ has a limit of 3 uses. I’m not saying to change the design or even saying it’s OP (time will tell) Just found it very ironic.

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He is actually weak to protect killer, I’m pretty sure.

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The spider isn’t cause it’s not a protect monster, are u saying the monster that it turns into a scapegoat becomes classified as a protector? I doubt it. They will most likely be like Taunt monsters.

I don’t know where but I remember killing it with a protect killer… My brain has stopped working tbh…

Get some sleep. Too much PvP.

The mythic itself It’s actually weak to protector killer really tough to deal at endgame tho

Good thing it only gets camuflaje on his awakened form and barley any people have it awakened
That mythic it’s kinda trash on its second form

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Well that is wierd they classify it as a protector. I can’t see how it gets that classification. That would annoy me if I had it TBH.

He can use scapegoat on itself so basically it’s a protector

Yeah but Taunt monsters use Taunt on themselves and don’t get the weakness. Interesting the devs did it this way. More balanced I suppose, but weird IMO.

Its gonna get nerfed. They dont let myths be useable in their second form.

Queue Petalisk sobbing in the corner

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Yeah they just make most of them God’s in their first form :joy:

Actually, if you scapegoat a monster it has a protect teammates chance to block, not ap. it blocked my attack against a monster that had used protect teammates

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Wow, so are u saying it turns them into Aegis and Diamonds?

Can somebody please confirm whether the monsters that turn into Scapegoats inherit the protector classification as well? Meaning they can be killed with Twighoul and protector killer moves.

The Line chat seems to confirm anecdotally.

But not aegis since its not automatic.

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The way it works is, having a skill associated with the protect effect marks the monster as vulnerable to protector killer. Arach is the one with the skill while the ally only has the effect, so only arach is vulnerable according to the way it’s always been set up. It’s actually a misconception that’s existed since the dawn of the game, but it’s had no real impact on the game until now. And of course, taunt explicitly states that it’s exempt from protector status.

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Hmm interesting. I thought protect status is only applied to moves with the word protect in it.

Good point about Taunt explicitly stating it though.

The description says it is high chance. If turning out to be 100%, too much.

Felt to me like it should’ve been a given that the skill description disclose exactly what “high chance” means :confused: