Feel like this needs to be addressed

**Please do not read this as a rant but as honest feedback for a game I absolutely love and care about. **

With the addition of Endless Astrid, this makes yet another top tier unit that looks like a straight up harlot. Ever since this summer with the addition of the swimsuit units it seems like this game has been transitioning from the very honorable story about protecting others with Finn and gang to recreating the same three units (Astrid, Rizette, and Ludamilla) in new more seductive and sexual poses.

I understand that this is an art style widely accepted and practiced in Japan but lately I feel like it is just getting borderline gross. especially with the latest two units Endless Ludamilla whom at lvl 100 appears to be sporting lingerie lying on a bed and Endless Astrid wearing the same type of seductive attire.

This is a game about combat and strategy and although it is a fantasy game I don’t think anyone (real life or not) would show up to battle rocking a bikini or having half their body exposed. When you see these types of units more and more frequently It makes this game feel perverted and tasteless.

Please keep in mind this is coming from a male who very much “appreciates the form of a woman.” Over-sexualizing is a huge turnoff, especially when it is so blatantly in your face like in this situation.

Although I know the Devs for this game rarely monitor this forum and have nothing to do with the game art, but I am hoping this somehow gets communicated to their art team.


I totally agree. To a Western audience it is just gross. It puts me off playing Evertale because I don’t want to be associated with a game like that. I’d be very embarrassed any of my friends or family seeing me play a game with that on it.

I hope art design takes a turn away from that. The way the characters look in battle is not naked or anything so that’s a good thing at least. It’s just on the character pages they all hold seductive poses that nearly show nipples and groins.

This new Endless Astrid is actually far more tasteful I think. The clothes don’t cover much but her legs are crossed and she’s simply standing rather than pulling any seductive face, playing with her hair/lips or bent over in some position that emphasises certain assets. I could live with this kind of artwork. I think it shows what the game could do in the future very well.

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Current state of evertale

These days I’m afraid of being judged when I open the game outside my bedroom !

And I’m an 80 year old man who secretly looks after Ash’s mom !

This is more erotic than the actual pic !
"Hey girlfriend , pls bend over in some position that emphasises certain assets "

Hahahahaha that’s hilarious and seductive !

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This is precisely what I’m talking about! You feel like you’re playing a perverted game. It’s frustrating too because some of the best characters are these units.

This new Astrid has an amazing build. It’s frustrating because I want to pull for it but at the same time I don’t because it’s gross.

@Dev_VKC @Dev_BRD I know you guys aren’t evertale but could use please point the appropriate people towards this post.

Again this isn’t coming from a place of complaint, but of genuine feedback. This art style is starting to effect the game in a negative way,

@Killerdog I don’t know man. Take a look again. All she has to do is take one step and her crotch will literally fall out of whatever the heck she is wearing.

I will say it is more tasteful than Endless Ludamilla but at the same time still not a whole lot better.

Basically though! Haha I wish this wasn’t the case

I haven’t seen all the poses she’s holding, yup that one is worse. My girlfriend plays Evertale and currently we’re in different countries so she sent me a screenshot of the moveset and stuff so I saw one image… I’ll go on my phone and add it here:

Let’s actually do a few examples…

Personally I think these are fine, given the style of the game

(The one in the above post)

These ones went too far, getting worse as we go

Too gross young innocence that is sexualised. Just look at the facial expression with the blushing.

Even more so than the one above.

There’s too much leg, so much chest and the pose with something in her mouth too…

And here just oh dear

Sadly I don’t have an image of Endless Ludmilla but it’s much the same as the one above. It’s got it all… chest, legs, pose, facial expression either as seductive or innocent and somehow sexualised.

@Killerdog I agree with you on all of those. Once we get into Leg/cleavage zone that’s where it gets uncomfortable.

And yeah your right on the over sexualized innocence thing as well. The whole blushing/facial expressions is a reoccurring theme that unfortunately keeps popping up. It’s even worse when the characters look like teenagers like the first two images on your “went too far” images.

The one with the dancer in your last image made me verbally groan of disgust when I saw the banner the first time. As well as Endless Ludamilla. Ludamilla was single handled the most sexualized character yet.

I wish they would make more characters like Vesh, Rashanaar, and Finn. I’m all about the heroic/dragon vibe. In adds to the actual original theme of the story and in my opinion is what Evertale is supposed to be portraying.

My eyes widened and I had a big smile on my face… but I was looking at the moveset. I really hope my girlfriend manages to summon that Alira. However, the ridiculous amount of underboob she seems to have in every image is absurd. The image I shared above of her is… I don’t know whether you call that underboob, sideboob, open top chest or what!?! Each boob is the width of her stomach it seems! That’s only talking about the boobs too… it has basically every other aspect that was bad in the images above apart from she’s actually got some nice heels rather than stockings. I suppose maybe the ring around her thigh is meant to be one of those chastity things men are meant to take off the woman on their wedding night. I will give it the benefit of the doubt though.

What I find funnier than anything is that in the last update Evertale added a “zoom in” function to these character images. So if you click on them they now rotate and become a full screen image. It’s like they’re literally trying to encourage players to stare closely at these cartoon atrocities.

That sentence captures the very essence of the game right now with these characters (to expound further on Oak’s comment above) :joy:.

I noticed that as well. Ironically, I discovered that when I was trying to look at Endless Ludamilla’s skills but accidentally hit the Image instead. Thank goodness no one was around me/looking over my shoulder when I made that mistake as they would have seen more of that boob dilemma you mentioned above haha.

All boobs aside (pun intended) I really do hope they take a different direction with the art. I give Zigzagame a lot of credit for their art. All of the Neomonsters art and 50% of the Evertale art are masterfully done. It’s just a shame that a lot of that talent goes into “fan service” such as this.

Wow. Do not even remember who Astrid is. But 4k attack, 18k hp and 260 speed. :thinking: Did they begin to buff new units with double stats nowadays?

Oh, Prof. Oak, How are you doing? Haven’t you retired?

Professor Emeritus Ko

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He’s supposed to be in the home, did he escape again?

Also, @Phantom00 what do you think about all of this?

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I’ll just say that this isn’t Zigza’s first time with fanservice and I’ll leave it at that.


I have but I give a few wisdom visits.
How r u btw

Good. I am enjoying my life :face_with_monocle: with no worries about my luck.

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