Please read before asking about monsters

People, please STOP asking about hatchlings, and starters. they are in the spot that is posted on  Monster Location Guide top post in the forum.    THEY ARE NOT EASY TO OBTAIN. IT’S LONGER THAN 10 battles!

just to see  leafy alone it took me 157 battles. (yes i kept track)

Second, Read the forum. you can learn what are Egg only monsters and what are ACTUAL obtainable monsters to find in the wild. I know this isnt just me who thinks these things. 

Egg only monsters… i wonder where they are found? ill post it on the forums… seriously guys? seriously?

I apologize for grammar and this rant. but it is something that should be read in this group.  and for the sake of it not moved to another topic.

where is bluejay? LOL

U couldve brought it up a bit nicer…

Let’s not be advertising the wiki. We would rather have an official wiki here, but for now the goal is to get people coming here as opposed to going elsewhere :).

Yeah because else ppl would only go to the wiki instead of staying here