Pvp. I did win but message says defeated?

Hi, i just had an online battle. The opponent was all weak monsters and i won easily( i was wandering what he is doing in pvp, perhaps trying for the first time)but when i defeated his last monster i had a message: deafeated! I didn’t lose collection and he didnt manage to bring down a single arc of mine!

Its a glitch, not a cheat

It should be fixed soon! Please be patient

I just found him again i think… Wel see what happens

Lost 3 in a row and gave up hope, put 2 weeks worth of farming and work into my line up only to get the defeated message… After I completely creamed my opponent. Wtf

I have had the same problem twice. Once I defeated a player with his last Ark a Mechadino and I still had the three Arks I was fighting with. The other this morning when I defeated his last Ark of Don Penguini while still having 5 Arks to call on. These are recorded as losses and I didn’t get the correct diamonds/tickets. Is there any way to claim these? Only small amounts I know, but every little helps.

Edit: Just happened for a third time

Jut had it happen to me. First time but I definitely beat them soundly and was told I had been defeated. What’s up?

Read the second post on this thread

this has accounted for half my loses. this so called glitch or hackers is getting annoying.

It’s a glitch.

Win loss ratio means nothing to anyone because of the glitch so don’t worry too much.

We’re hoping for a reset because of this glitch once the update happens.

Be patient update will be here sometime or another. Or just leave the game and come back when the update comes. Thats the advice i always get.

That’s all we can give

You know this

We’ve had this discussion before

You’re frustrated

We’re frustrated

Do we really need to do the same stupid song and dance?

I’ve actually found that it rarely happens if I have my phone plugged in/have close to full battery and all other background apps closed. The biggest factor IMO is the battery thing. If my phone drops to 20% or below, it happens probably 1/3 matches. I would try that and see if it changes anything