The worst moveset possible?

We’ve already had a thread on the strongest moveset possible, and I think that I did a pretty decent job of coming up with a strong, if not technically unbeatable, moveset. However, this left me wondering. Given how amazing some of these movesets are, what is the worst one that we could come up with? Hence this thread.


  1. You must provide 4 active abilities, 2 passive abilities, and 1 secret skill

  2. All abilities must be useable, so no RAW abilities on APers or entrance abilities with Serene Field(not that anyone would be dumb enough to do that)

  3. The monster is assumed to be an awakened mythic with average stats across the board. As such, abilities which are exclusive to low evolution monsters(e.g. ministone) are also banned

  4. Synergies with other monsters are considered, so it should’t be useful no matter what you do

My best go:

Type: Shadow

Clone Next
Blood Clone Next
Shadow Double
Create Duplicate

Eternal Revival

Shadow Clone

The idea is simple: The only thing it can do is disrupt your own strategy. Between Haunt and Eternal Revival, it’s difficult to even get rid of it, and once it dies, it reappears in your team at random, further messing up your strategy. Even if you only skip turn, there’s a decent chance that its two revival abilities will cause it to multiply anyway. There’s no point in using its 5 clone abilities to create more of them, since they serve no purpose to your team. Honestly, you could argue that this moveset is kinda op, since it’s nearly impossible to lose while using it, but It’s also pretty annoying to win, so I think it counts.

Ritual IV

Cannot target itself

SS - Accelerate.

Sure it can clear tokens but it will clear the rest of the team too. Passives are to ensure it gets turns. Accelerate to chew through teammates even faster

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The issue is that you can just spam turn skips. Sure, it’s annoying, and having a useless monsters with mythic level survivability could turn the match, but it’s not as bad as having it constantly revive, and it can kill tokens. Would be worse if we say no Turn-Skipping, though

Actives -

load mortar
Pullback Mortar
Parasitic Curse
Exit Plan

passives -

Roaring entrance

SS- Retreat


Fair enough

I mean, every enemy would just skip back :man_shrugging:t2:

Or more likely kill your normal, non-useless monsters

It’s just a really durable token basically

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Yeah but it has to make a turn, which means it has to kill a TM lol. Enemies will just skip back and then something dies. That’s much worse than just having something sit there.

If your opponent skips back, you can just skip again. Is this some weird new PvP rule they added?

As far as I remember (and I’m talking about 2017), PvP had this rule: if you skip and the opponent skips on the turn immediately after, you cannot skip in the following action

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It could just kill itself?

Sorry I’m confused. I thought you said the user can just skip? So I was saying the enemy will skip back, forcing a turn

Exactly :blush:

100sec nova blast
200 sec nova blast
300 sec nova blast
send back
400 sec nova blast
gravity field
hold ground

that sounds dope. except gravity field with sendback

nice idea
What if we change 4th skill to instant self shield (unlimited times just like coretta ) and instead of hold groud skip ban :joy:

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That doesn’t seem nearly as bad as Lemons. Actually, it sounds pretty decent, though not up to ythic standards. Also, no sendback with gravity field cause rule 2

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Protect Focus
Element massacre
Knockback Random
Knockback Next

Mark Entrance
Mortar Entrance


I’m guessing we can only pick moves that already exist. Also, every monster needs to have a move which can damage an enemy (general monster design rule they have). Okay, I’ll have a go…

() In the zone
() Death curse
() From the brink
() Baby summon (baby has top two skills and unmovable)
(SS) Element shift (goes between holy and shadow)

() Unmovable
() Overexcited