crappiest skills in this game

My top three are :-

  1. eat ally(Leomidas)
  2. Defensive mode
  3. Protector killer

Do you mean crappy as overly weak?

If so, I’d say:

• Dreamcrush (why so much seconds)
• Random Knockback Random
• In The Zone (so hard to charge damn)


Maybe in pvp, but this is more of a pve skill imo. The fact that you need to kill 1/3 of a pvp team to charge it makes it more like a pve move as the teams vary from like 20-100 mons

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Is it much easier in PvE? 5 kills (4 actually since it can Cannibalize) for a monster that has two 130sec situational kills still sounds like a lot

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  1. Rewind
  2. Fast forward
  3. Last mercy
  4. Why did I get dolphariel? :nauseated_face:

Worst monster EVER


  • Poison immunity
  • Time freeze

-Double stealthbane
-Detox Blast
-Give Turn
-Eat Ally


Double stealth bane doesn’t exist._.

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yes thats the point

imagine there was a monster with that skill. It wouldn’t hit any of the mons in stealth or camo because its double stealthbane

Maybe you can use it like assasinate. You can punish the whole team for having stealthy moster. U can repeatedly kill monster of your choosing beacause monster with camo will be unaffected. Obviously it would depend if it has sensible tu and damage output.

Oh my god, the irony :joy:

A few to add to the list:

-I think pure cure is pretty bad for a 160 sec skill. It does have some uses though.

-Auto protect is a cardinal sin, stun absorber is kinda terrible and protect teammates is terrible in this meta.

-Stun revenge in PvP.

-Rapid entrance, why the hell does it even exist!!!

-Stun flash for 250 sec is kinda useless now in the grand scheme of things especially now that Stun Wave exists. Of course this is a much healthier way for stun to work in the game because you basically lock out one of your monsters for a while to give turn for three others, but this is accomplished better by team turn or Gazer’s FFE.

-Devastate by Tezcacoatl/Avalanche by Kuraokami. Most of the time it deals more harm to the user rather than the opponent.

-400 sec megabomb on Tortogeist. 🤷


Can say …this one gave me quite the laugh

Protecter killer is useless in pve. Only time I have used it is to remove shield/hg. Imo galvabane’s protecter killer is weak even in PvP.

Hopefully u hatch a drakion… good luck

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Yeah, the irony is that once upon a time it used to be one of the most coveted skills.

It’s still useful, remember that it can’t be redirected so you can finish off monsters from HG that are behind protectors too.

Stun revenge is actually amazing if you know how to use it correctly. Tygoron fit perfectly into my stun lock

More often than not it depends on the monsters your enemy has.

Well if you kill the right monsters the opponent either has to ignore the monster or get stunned.

give dolphariel to me,I will give you tinkerclause :grinning: :blush:


oh yes for me ,the crappiest skiill in the game is

1.Poison sting (we have poison touch :stuck_out_tongue:)
2.Eat ally
3.pure cure forward from dolphariel .(we have solo give turn from astistan) lmao
5.all killer breaker mortar ,bcoz we have normal breaker killer :slight_smile:


■■■■ that’s right why does this even exists anymore

All in all, -breaker mortars are just 20sec slower but give a Shield. That’s a fair tradeoff

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