The Strategy Warehouse

Hey guys, this is going to be where you can see a TON of teams available that you guys can use! There will be ones that are only for monsters that are obtainable in-game, unique strategies to help you utilize tough combos, and much more! However, don’t think that everything is set in stone. Feel free to make your own adjustments to see what works for you! And if you don’t have the necessary monsters, just post in the thread and I’ll talk with you and offer some suggestions n.n

ALSO! If you have any suggestions, or if you REALLY want to see a monster in a strategy…let me know and I’ll make something for you! :smiley:

Below, you will find links to several of my own strategies, as well as some offered by some of my friends and the best PvPers out there! Look forward to seeing several teams that have gotten remarkable win streaks! This is an ongoing thing, so the earliest teams will have limited monsters, and the later teams will have newer ones. Also, remember that the game is constantly evolving! There will be teams made to counter old strategies, and as monsters are released, some of the strategies may become useless. So please, if it doesn’t seem to work for you, post in the previously linked help thread, or message me. I’ll try to find a team that works well for you, or even make one if nothing seems to work.

I will be making a table of contents later…for now, if you have specific requirements for what you need in a team, such as…“I don’t have this monster, and have these…what can I do?”…then fear not! I’ll find a team that will suit you…and if it doesn’t exist yet, I’ll make it for you! :wink:

*** If you do want advice or want a team made from scratch just for you, simply click Here or message me privately. I ALWAYS reply to Private Messages that ask for PvP help, and I’m sure others are willing to confirm it. In the help thread that I have linked you to, I also create teams for you to use (and the public, if they’d like). I also have many very experienced friends that are willing and able to help you out there too! I am by no means the best PvPer, so it’s good to have several minds working on something that’s right for you.

Also, there will be teams that I will not provide a description for. They are, in my opinion, superior to the other strategies. However, I won’t spoon-feed them to you. You have to work if you want to get the reward, and it really is worth it. :slight_smile:

1 - The Shadowy Lightmare

2 - Brave Defenders

3 - Fiery Passion

4 - Strength is Not Exclusive

5 - maertS naiM (v1)

6 - Holyfire Terra

7 - Tib’s Favorites (1)

8 - The Rising Underdog

9 - Growing Power

10 - The Drone Wolf

11 - The Drone Wolf v2

12 - Just Keep Swimming

13 - The Raging Volcano

14 - A Pirate’s Life for Me

15 - Nature’s Revenge

16 - Teamwork!

17 - Tib’s Favorites (2)

18 - Back to Basics

19 - Frozen Dreams

20 - My Little Pony

21 - War Horse

22 - A Triple-Threat

23 - Highly Variable

24 - Passive-Agressive

25 - Coldhearted Killer

26 - The Great Hydra

27 - Chilling Nightmares

28 - Luxury Cruise

29 - Dreaded Dragon of the Dead

30 - Birthday Special!!!

Thankyou for sharing ur strategies :smiley:

No problem. More will come later! Some will be better than others, as there will be ones for monsters that are catchable in the game as well as ones with the best of the best monsters.

The one u made is except pegasion and minespider catchable

With all of my strategies, there are things you may replace them with. Just ask and I’ll answer…

I’ll add that to the first post

Well I like this warehouse you made it really helps people who want to compete but there is 1 problem and you probably know this. It is some of these arks are egg only not everyone gonna get them all. But at least it’s something to look at in the future when some arks are being release so yeah.

Overall Nice Thread

Indeed, you are correct. Actually, do you want to know what number 4 is? A team filled with only catchable arks. n.n

Working on that one as we speak.

I thought about that problem, so I will be making guides for all ranks, all skill levels, all tastes, etc. There will be sooo many strategies for beginners, veterans, and everyone. So yeah…Thanks for the thought, though! :slight_smile:

And thank you n.n

Omg thank you so much! This is awesome i owe you one tib and not to be mean or anything but could you work on a non egg monster strategy? Sorry for rushing you but i could use one because i dont have the darn egg only arks
Wait your working on one? Great i didnt see that at first, my internet just sucks and didnt load all the way i guess

Yep, I have the team all set up. I just have to write the description and I’ll post it shortly. n.n

Ok thank you so much tib =D

My pleasure n.n

Good stuff. I tried using the fiery passion for a couple of matches but never really used army flame to its full potential because somehow I’m outright annihilating them before frillzeon even comes out and then they rage quit.

That’s great! n.n

Soo all is with don pen o.O ? Make one with out noobie pen .

I will later. Most of the monsters that I intend to use and make guides for are not released at the moment.

I see someone’s jumped on the strategy files! I’m busy all weekend and come back to Tib terring it up!!! WOOT WOOT!!!

Yep! Had some free time, so thought that I’d get started on it n.n

The screen recording will be perfect for these guides :slight_smile:

And the idea of not using any exclusive arcs is a good one since I’m guessing most people don’t have many :stuck_out_tongue:

Awesome stuff :smiley:


And thank you. :slight_smile:

is there anything to replace Destructor and OMega?