The single element challenge

Are you tired of seeing chronox everywhere? Wish you could say bye bye to night night? Just bored with seeing the same lineups over and over again?

Well fear no more!

We’ve decided that multiple elements are for losers. Yes you heard me. Looooseeersss!

So come join the single element army. During this pvp you will notice us using single element teams, whichever one is our favourite. That’s the only rule, one element only. The weirder and wackier the teams the better!

On a serious note the front line is getting somewhat repetitive with chronox being literally everywhere. So help us make it interesting. This is pvp, it should be fun rather than a slog for 60 wins, so we’re gonna make sure it is. Or try to.

Anyway gogogo!

Holy element teams with Chronox frontlines. :smiley:

I would do it, just that chrono will just continue to whup me every single time if I don’t bring my own. See, not all of us have an aegisdragon to hide behind. After the nerf comes, I think I’ll give it a shot. :wink:

I would hope that people are more inventive than that. Besides, chronox in pure holy is not that bad. 

Tis a choice after all. Although perhaps you shall reocnsider once you have 60 wins

Please give me warca, Lavaronix, Mechaviathan, Cryokaiser, Sanctallion, Dragaia, Bazilogon, etc. in order to build the single element team.

Gonna hit this as soon as I hit 40 wins - Assuming the last 20 will come with my awesome holy team… xD

It’s time for my most used monster to shine (looking at you Celestrion…)

Time for fire assit to shine

I will do it as soon as i hit 60 wins, even if i dont have all epics/SE i think i can build something strong!!

It’ll just be holy because 99% of people have to run a chrono frontline

Then here i am. I can’t even run a decent multiple elements team lol

Anyone doing this yet?

I’m at 53 so I’ll be doing it as of tomorrow

#TeamHoly or #TeamThunder maybe. Edit: or #TeamBlight, I need my bane :stuck_out_tongue:

my lightning team is kicking it so far 5-0

TeamThunder so far 3-3 lol

As you guys could see in the chat im having terrible luck so i will probably start tomorrow or tonight, but im going #teamfire!!



With you Bucks!  Running the AH fronline - so much power!!

Team holy will be the strongest i think minus only tt but have more give turners, but i don’t want to run chronox :frowning:

I have him as an 8 cost somewhere near the back I think, don’t feel like you can’t use him.