Hunter Island Element Masters!

The masters of each element

fire: PREDleader

water: Colin0402


air: Kookaset

shadow: Zoroark (does not currently have game yet, but is reserved until then)

holy: Joker

elementless: Shen_W00


Heres how it works. each leader can only use types of the element they are. when battling, the opponent may only use one type that is their weakness, so for examply, if i am battling the fire leader, i may only use one water type. if you manage to defeat the leader, you have a choice, you may either take a badge (to use where you wish such as your signature or avatar) or take the title, kicking out the original leader and you bing the new leader.

badges: each leader has their own (i can make if requested) if someone defeats a leader, they can either gain one of the badges, or take the leaders title.

you can be the master of the element you wish, grab an element before its taken! (you must have a complete team of only that element to use if someone challenges you for a badge or title)

Once all leaders have been chosen, they all battle EACHOTHER to determine who is the champion, a master who can use any type of arkadions to battle.

I know I don’t even have the game yet, but I’m reserving Shadow.


May I reserve Air?


I’m making a team right now; I’ll post it when I’m done.

sure! i put you on the list.

Can I be holy? I’ll try to make a team ASAP …

sure, ill add you to the list

also, are you guys going to make your own badges, or do you want me to make you one?

Let me get element less.

i have added you to the list

What restrictions do you have for our element team?

no restrictions, only that it has to be all that element.

Well… if you say so.

I’ll avoid putting arkadions that aren’t in game yet. ^^ But everything else is in… beware, y’all. :>

Can I claim the water master? My entire team is basically water arkadions and I think they are awesome

sure, ill add you to the list

Don’t worry, I’ll make my own badge.

Ahh you beat me to it Kooka :wink:

I shall claim fire!

It’s Geomon all over again lol

List updated