The quitting neo for 2 months experience

About two months ago, I managed to quit the game up until two days ago. I left the discord server, asked for my forum account to be suspended, and gave my restore code to Tanbeer. My life drastically improved almost immediately after quitting. I fixed my sleep schedule, I got As in school, and my mood, in general, was much better than before.

Last month, I heard that a few monsters got slightly nerfed, Persephia got buffed (lol), and Twighoul received a massive buff in Cannibalize Token. I had always wanted to try a canishogun retribution frontline, but I decided that it was better to stay away from the game. Then Tanbeer quit and gave me the account back.

I played 100 pvp matches in three days. I reached an 80% winrate in unranked pvp thanks to the broken twiggy FL and moku + deathgazer giving me free wins when I played like an idiot.

In the past three days, I have lost many hours of sleep, stubbed two of my toes, and accidentally heated up a plate in the oven.


Welcome back

Lol Hahaha Welcome back my good friend :joy::joy::joy::joy:

lmfao I tried pairing shiny spectrefox with baublebasher because I thought it was a plant type since it is green

It is also a tree

Best tree

I’m quitting again for the sixth time. This time it is permanent so I’ll see u guys soon


Wait what ! Share the story what made u decide this !

ill say it instead of him. u have more time to live then play games :rofl: im the same butsadly i cant stop playing for long times :sweat_smile:

Ah perhaps but duck will have interesting stories . The one time he talked about his cubes made him noted in forum .

I’m suspecting that he joined the swastika clan and he probably rage-quit now

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See you in 6 months

Pls leave my leira alone she has got enough nerfs

Among us

Neo Monsters does not take time away from me. I just play a lot of PvP and nothing else … I don’t complete the events, I don’t collect gems or the SCBs, The Biweeklin mission doesn’t complete them either … And I have a lot of free time … Maybe I’m lucky to have a lot of legendaries already … A Sometimes I play an event to obtain legendary potions such as Okkult Invitation, I complete it quickly and easily … So the game does not take my time, I only dedicate myself to PvP that I like … Fighting against the PC seems the most boring thing in the world in all games, from cell phones, Playstation and PC. goodbye

Guess who’s back
Back again
@ONEduck is back
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Guess who’s back
Guess who’s back
Guess who’s back
Guess who’s back
Guess who’s back
Guess who’s back

There was a ~30% chance of me returning this soon