The PVP bug topic


I find numerous post everyday about the same bug so I thought to give u some info of the PVP bug.

About the getting a loss when u win bug :

This one is very common and is indeed very annoying but as the update and moderators say this is going to be fixed in the upcoming update.

There is another bug which says opponent disconnected , he probably didnt but he probably Also got that u disconnected and both players recieve diamonds

As for u who are seeing arkadions that arent even out yet or only coming out in the next OM :


As you can see this also is going to be fixed in the upcoming update!

If you have any questions about these bug or if u encountered a new one let it now the admins in the bug thread that u can find right here:

Hope this helpes alot of players who think theyre the only one with this bug!

P.S. I dont know when the update is coming out!