What's the deal with the disconnect?

I have just recently started to PVP. But it seems like every other match the opponent gets disconnected giving me the win. It seems from what I have read there are people who intentionally do this and will be banned for it in a future update. So my question is, what about someone like me who isn’t doing it on purpose and it just keeps happening to? (Maybe 2-3 times a day)

They won’t be banned?

Disconnects happen but sounds like you’re seeing the bug

Either that or you’re curb stomping your opponents bad enough where they quit

I have the Same Problem. They are Leaving the Game ( or disconnecd) Even there is no reason for them.

Yep Thats a bug allright but it could Also be the connection between u two

Oh ok good :slight_smile: thank you

These issues will (hopefully) be fixed in the upcoming update. It should be out any day now!