Is there any one left who can beat me?

32 wins in a row and counting! Did Devs combine master with veteran? If you are a worthy challenger step up to the master league. All challengers accepted.

Can u tell me your team?

32 wins in a row and counting! Did Devs combine master with veteran? If you are a worthy challenger step up to the master league. All challengers accepted.

I’ll play you. GC: DropDoc

Well, actually 32 win in row means nothing currently, the the average level of the players is pretty low now, as most of the good players have left. But it is a good start to you, keep going man~~

It seems like the level of competition has really dropped. Streak is up past 40 now.
Iron heart
Gear wolf

I know the line up is vulnerable to metal slashers particularly Octo. I find the reward to be greater then the risk. Also I don’t have many support arks in will probably change after my streak is ended.
Streak ended at 42.Which arks should I drop?

Havent played pvp in awhile because game sort of got repetitive. once you fid of good strategy that wins it gets kinda boring. id say drop at least one metal. what i would do is move scorpionix back after cryowyrm and then have osiriswyrm after it (assuming you have a osiriswyrm.). did you happen for face any octoneers or scorpionix in your 42 wins? because that can basically take out 3 arks, +possible 6 more arks if they have a viable knockback ark in front. also, i reccomend dropping cryowyrm unless you are going to add another water near it. if you arent going to use cryo to its full potential than dont use it at all. same for golgemois. id say move cyberwyrm up and have it stasis a metal slasher, but make sure you have a viable way to knock it back or kill it. you need some counter for metal slashers, otherwise one octoneer can cripple your start.

I agree with everything Lyrux said except the part about taking out Cryo.

Btw Lyrux, have you seen the new eggs?  :stuck_out_tongue:

My, you’re quite arrogant for a player I’ve never even met until now. 

There are a few of us that dominated PvP since before you created an account. So I’m not sure if I’m too keen on that title. Maybe changing it to “looking for a friendly challenge between strong players” would be nice n.n

Yes the title was quite arrogant Tiberius. I have been playing the game since season one. So if you have met me or not is irrelevant. I have played over 2000 matches in PVP. I appreciate the title suggestion but I reserve the right to title my thread however I want within the guidelines of the forum.
I have realized that that line up I posted isn’t that great, and since changed it. I think a lot of the 42 win streak was luck getting matched with weaker opponents.

Wow the title… left me speechless…

Tonywxxx, I played a few matches and noticed a lot of weaker players in PvP. I did notice that for comparable teams, bonus actions were more of a factor than strategy even though my strategy is a bit rusty. I will find something else to do before the update and I am looking forward to Monster Island.

^ The comment about weaker people is true, all I have to do is bring in a cryo >:-) Poor noobs die so quick…

Tonywxxx, I wish that Jooky would come back and beat your butt.

Oops, wrong thread for wishes. :slight_smile:

waaa…tib ., tajid…u still doing pvp?


Hahaha nah. Haven’t played in a loooong time. Way too busy, bud.

Somehow my win streak is over 200 without rage quits. Daheck.

hmm no… like haven’t played for like forever…