The MEGA collection quest!

So,this quest is very hard to accomplish.If you wish to complete it,it might cost you a VERY long time to accomplish.

The List:
S,A,B,C Snorkling
S,A,B,C Frostkit
S,A,B,C Spark
S,A,B,C Brachio
S,A,B,C Ashie
S,A,B,C Bluey
S,A,B,C Leafy
S,A,B,C Galey
S,A,B Metallo
S,A,B Lavaraptor
S,A,B Levi
S,A,B Voltyke
S,A,B Twiggy
S,A,B Cherub
S,A,B Birdy
S,A,B Pearex
S,A,B Seabite
S,A,B Musharoo
S,A,B Sizzler
S,A,B Nilo
S,A,B Frostjack
S,A,B Cherub

Are you gonna take the challenge?If you complete it you can

  1. Brag about it
  2. Put something about completing it in your sig
  3. IDK

Good Luck!



As crazy as this might sound, I think I am going to save a few years of my life by not completing this challenge :slight_smile: Best of luck to all who participate though!

Dude, this would take years to complete, no one would actually do it


1/4 done

Impossible…Only someone with no life can complete this challenge or a hacker of course lol

Not even true , and i accept this challenge hehee

Stop being so pessimistic guys. It’s not that hard. Who says you can’t use grade boosters? Haha!

Lmfaoooooo goood one bro goood onee

I’m nearly halfway done with it, so why not?

…nah, too lazy. I’m going to stick to my eggs. Lol.

Make you a real life please

Hey, stop making fun of the poor guy. He just wants to provide a good challenge for the people who already have one million kazillion unreleased arkadions.

<_< ;

I accept this challenge

Got all S arks except S Volvon, which is currently A Volvon, Will use the next grade booster. (& by all, I mean all evos too)

I’ve deleted my A, B, Cs if I already had at least 3 of better grades.

If you only have Volvon left then you ain’t far.

Imagine all those shiny cards! :0 Amazing, tajid. x> Good job!

ive nearly beaten this challenge, just need S Frostjack :confused: Cant find this guy xD

The ULTRA Collection Quest:

  1. Collect a Kami

  2. Delete game save data

  3. Collect Kami again


ummmmm…  y would anyone in their RIGHT MIND DO THIS^^^^^

Easy, can just restore backed up data.

^that would be cheating hmph!