I need advice :)

I’m a new player and just started playing for 5 hours only yesterday. So, I need advice on how to play and tips on getting starters or rare stuff… Ps. I’m at the first settlement in the desert place, the one with the hole u jump into… We can start by giving me good arkadions :slight_smile:
I have currently

Don penguini
Infernowyrm(lucky roll)
And 12 more slots of monsters that are 6 stars and below :slight_smile:
Oh and all quests leading up to that settlement has been completed
All side quests to and my ranking is 4 star hunter

Hello, enjoying the game? ^^

Hm… very good arkadions. Do you have lavaraptor, levi, rexy, pearex, and seabite yet? Those five are really great starters.

Pearex > East of Orlen, in the forest.

Levi > Southwest of Finam, on the shore.

Lavaraptor > East of Finam.

Seabite > North of Heorot, on the shore.

Rexy > west of the cave southwest of Ergan.

Lavaraptor, seabite and rexy I think I got them but those other 2 I will go right now! :smiley:
Btw I am enjoying both dragon island and hunter island :slight_smile:
Add me in gc when u can ~> Dragon_Island_FTW

Is leafie good? Just found one in a gold egg :stuck_out_tongue:

Very good!

Gaiawyrm right?
Don, cold heart, glazio OP
Kills 3 at once per turn haha
I keep using throw with don in battles to level up my leafie :smiley:
Level 21 already and I reached the snow area woohoo

Cherish that leafie when it evolves it becomes 9* even better than your starter

look its jawsh hai

cherish your luck sir mine has made me quit the game you can only get NOTHING so many times before you crack

Just got an Ashie while watching masterchef season 4 finale haha
Got it at the second spot above second town
:smiley: going for bluey and galey now

Nice.I suggest trying to get a few cherubs,because they can be used in 2 great recipes.Get another Levi too,for angelon.I suggest getting a sizzler above he azid ziggurat because he evolves into pyro viper,a very powerful monster.Happy hunting!

@mozz I got them all :slight_smile: got a barricadus,angelon,luxknight,shadow lance and many more recipes :slight_smile:
Just need the starters and little dragons for the last of my recipes…
3)fire starter
4)earth starter
5)air starter

You cam find the starters in the 3 points away from town and since you dont want water skip the first spot because thats where he resides. Heres where you wanna go (x=go n=no)

Orlen N X X X thats where you wanna go for starters (btw this is above orlen)

:smiley: yep I knew that but now I’m focusing on bluey and galey taking forever :frowning:

Yeah me to it almost feels like there not there :frowning: (i know they are though)

Don’t worry though… I found one in less than a day of farming :slight_smile:
Perhaps I’m getting lucky with 1 Hatchling a day :smiley: