Level 99 S Grades Arkadion Photo Collection

I want to see some stats here. It is time to show your level 99 S grade arkadions here. Please no repetitions and for the sake of other players: only one per person.  :slight_smile:

I will start with my ark.

Can I just type them? Pictures would take waaaaay too long.

Oh, really, Tiberius? It’s on.

Ignore this…but the attachments are still there so Ashley knows I win. :wink:

You asked for it.



The other S ranks I have at max level are pretty much given out at that rank >_> the others are rank A, one C, one b and one D

Ashie - oh…one per player.

Hmm…how about we just call this one my win? Otherwise, we start a new topic and have the people vote on ANY ONE of our monsters? I’m sure I’ll win. xD

Aww… I was going to post my superior S rank Seaquill. I was sure that would have done it… 

I was going to use my S Yetigo 99. Game over. :wink:

S rank bluechick. I win fools :3

Ashley and Tiberius, cool. Just please, only one.  :stuck_out_tongue:

Coldheart the promo ark

Tiberius, how the hell do you have 4+ Anubis (s grade) and a couple barricadus and I guess a lot of other arkadions of the same type of highest grade?


…naw, they’re from eggs. n.n

I only have 6 S grade lvl 99s because i dont really pay attention at the grades haha but here is my latest S grade I trained to 99

My team sucks crap ;-; i dont get any dragons high grades or starters and i never win egg prizes

My most difficult S rank to obtain

Thats Why its good to have grade boosters!