The Hard Choice

Alright guys, new game is coming (well…hope so) and it seems we’ll have to choose three arks to carry over. Just for fun, make your choice (tell why if you want)
1.Cyberwirm: hands down, the ultimate ark
2.Cryowirm: too strong, his name should be SUPERwirm
3.SS if comes out again, if not…Octoneer: useful for many reasons and not bad near cryo
I will miss my vortexor and, of course, minespider :frowning:

  1. Yetigo
  2. Titanwyrm
  3. Magmahorn

Hahaha’s a shame you can’t take megalorex too

  1. Vortexor
  2. Cyberwyrm
  3. Triphoon

If I could take my stolen iPod file:

  1. Tremorback

  2. Anubis

  3. Arkwing

(I don’t own OMs)

Cryowyrm, Kamiwyrm, Octoneer I think. My water team.

There might be specific advantages in the new game… I wonder if there will be a deadline to choose or if we can explore the new game a bit and then decide.

But for now,

Cyberwyrm, Cryowyrm, Triphoon.

EDIT: wait wat? We legit take arks we own and move em over or what? Cuz if so…crap, I shouldn’t have missed the past…billion OMs xD

Yeah tib. And good to see you back!
I’m happy the forum likes the idea of this so much, makes it almost impossible for them to take back :3

Lol stego, charca, and gremknight


Arkwing , Octoneer , Vegitiger ,
My most important arks in my team (:

Omega, SS, and another om that I VOWED TO GET!

…I’m probably not going to get another om

I’m not too worried about my powerful ones… I’ll just bring my 3 favorites




I’m wondering if you have to actually have the arks to be able to bring them to the new game…

As for people worrying about which ones to take, by the sounds of it, you’ll be able to catch these in the new game.

Omegawyrm,Meowzard and I don’t know, tough choice.

Hence the name

And according to ryan yeah you have to have the arks

Don penguini: he must be in every game
Destructor: he’s flipping awesome
Guardiron: sick design

Breezeling, Breezekite, and Breezehawk, prob, if they don’t have 'em in the new game