The Hunter Island Story

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     “Wake up! Come on, wake up! The egg is hatching,” I heard Leona saying as she shook me awake. I finally get to meet my new arkadian, i’ll finally be on my way to becoming a true Hunter. “Well, what is it Leon?”
     “It’s a Frostkit, didn’t you pay attention in classes,” I chastise, joking around.
     “Whatever Leon, don’t be a jerk, are you going to come with me to the mountains or not?”
     “Yes, yes. Quit pulling on my sleeve. You know Casper wants us to go capture that Fang that keeps digging in the trash outside!”
     So off we went, on some quest for Casper, to get rid of the Fang that’s been terrorizing our town and all of the trash we have. We meander along the shore south of our town for about fifteen minutes, then head east towards the base of the mountains. After about a minute of rummaging through the grass we see him, a lone Fang just munching on the remains of our trash from the last week.

     “Frostkit, quick, surprise Fang with a Strikeclaw!”

     “No! Wait Leon! He’s just hungry! Instead of incapacitating him, let’s capture him and show Casper… Please,” Leona pleaded with me.
     “Fine, I guess we can do that… show off our teamwork and skills to Casper,” I replied unsure of how to get out of the situation I had just let her put me into. As i threw the arkstone, I noticed a red egg half covered by the bushes. “Is that another egg I see over there, Leona?”
     “Yes! Go pick it up, let’s see what it is…”

     As I touched the egg, only half of it sheared away, and what remained had me more scared than I can put into words…

…to be continued… 

Breaking your rules just to tell you that this is being moved to Off Topic.  While it does relate to Hunter Island it doesn’t talk about the actual game. :slight_smile:

then technically you’re breaking rules because it is not ‘off-topic’ as you so aptly put it, and as it DOES relate to Hunter Island… either there needs to be more detailed rules and thread descriptions, or you need to move my thread back. Im getting really sick of the god complexes of the moderators. 

Look, we’re just doing our jobs.

While it does relate to HI, it does not belong in general game discussion

That’s for discussing the game, not for posting fan fiction, as enjoyable as it is.

I’m sorry you feel we have a “god complex” but we’re just trying to keep things organized and because we do not have a fan fiction section, it must sadly be moved to here as there is no other place to put it.