Hunter island role play

Well, i kinda wanna do this. To start, state your name, gender, and what kind of monster(or trainer you are) if you’re a monster trainer, you need to put a little personality info and some basic looks. Ill start

Name: cerus
Monster: beowolf

Waking up on an island, i panicked. Who am i? Where am i? Howd i get here? I said to myself, “if there is anyone around, they must be near a source of clean water.” Hearing the sound of a stream, i followed the noise. ‘There has to be someone here, i cant just be all alone,’ i thought. Following the stream further, it suddenly dropped off. I could feel the cool mist from the waterfall as i looked over the falls. Not a building, not a person, not a creature in sight. “All alone,” i said absentmindedly. I was suddenly struck by a series of flashing images. A human, a small boy, he was saying something to me, something… Something…“ahhhhhggg!” I screamed as a white flash of light followed by a ringing in my ears overcame me.

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Well, I’m not sure if there’s enough (public) information about HI to actually do an accurate RP now, but why not?

Name: Zest

Gender: Male (just for kicks)

Monster: Pearex (those things are adorable, man)


I’ve been running for quite a while now, but I wasn’t ready to give up on searching for her.

“She must be around here somewhere,” I muttered. Frustrated and tired, I wasn’t looking where I was going and almost ran into a Beowolf. I squeaked and almost darted away, but he looked in pain.

“Um…” I started hesitantly, “are you alright?”

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Name: Marthis

Monster: Greenwing


Hiding in the quiet canopy of the forest, I could rest a while. After evolving, it has taken some time to get used to my new wings and it has become extraordinarily tiring. Up here, I could rest and be safe as opposed to hiding on the forest floor.

However, my tranquility was soon disrupted by the sound of some…thing, fumbling about near the riverbank. I wasn’t sure, but I figured I was safe if I stayed up here and so I edged closer to the origin of the rustling. As i moved closer, I could hear the thing gasping, it was obviously running from something.

As I lay I was startled by the sound of another creature rushing past through the trees and lost my grasp, leaving me hanging with one hand around the high tree limb. I couldn’t stay here forever, the forest is a dark place, and my claw is slip- CRASH

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“I guess you could say that,” i said hoarsely. “Is anyone else on the island?”

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I squeaked yet again. It seemed like everything startled me these days. However, the sudden commotion from the trees did pique my curiosity.

“I guess you could say that,” the beowolf suddenly rasped. “Is anyone else on the island?”

I stifled yet another squeak and turned back around. “Well… I g-guess. Didn’t you hear that crash just now?”

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“Am I ever going to hit the ground,” I thought to myself.

As I slowly opened my eyes, I could see the harsh sunlight breaking through the canopy above. It was sharp in comparison to the overwhelming darkness of the forest. My foot had become tangled in a vine, saving me by mere inches from landing on my fragile, not quite fully formed wings. I un-tethered myself and got onto my feet, stretching out my wings and inspecting them for damage. The tear on my right wing had widened a little and was weeping a little blood but it should be fine if I clean it at the river.

I looked over to the river and seen the silhouette of two figures…“Could it be?” I questioned in my head, “No, that would be too much of a coincidence”. However, these two creatures were between me and the river and I was too weak to rise to them if they were to attack me…no, I’ll have to lay low and follow the treeline to a safe place to wash off until I have the energy to fly back up to my resting spot.

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My eyes flickered to the area where I heard the noise. I pondered very briefly before I hopped away from the beowolf and closer to the trees.

“Hello?” I called out tentatively.

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As I slowly crawled along the treeline, fear set in. I’ve spent my life in the light, avoiding the shadows, and here I was trapped in the second darkest place on the island. I constantly felt like I was being watched but keeping my head down I kept going until I heard his soft voice calling out from behind me, at the river.

The simple “Hello?” was all it took. I knew the voice. Now not only was my wing split, but my mind too. Should I turn back? Should I turn back and see him again? Memories good and bad filled my head, suddenly the pressure took hold of me and before I knew it, I was running. My legs weren’t made for this, and the air rushing past stung on my torn wing but I couldn’t go back, not to the river, not to him.

I tripped over a tree root protruding from the ground and my body collapsed onto the dirt and leaves in a heap. I was exhausted. My mind was spinning and I don;t think it was just from the fall…maybe I should find somewhere around here safe to rest and get my head together.

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Whatever made the noise was on the move again, but it wasn’t long before I heard another (very faint) thump.

“Um… I’m going to check out that noise,” I told the beowolf. Quickly, I darted into the vegetation.

I slowed down once the river dwindled out of sight. I heard soft breathing, and soon, I was surprised to see a greenwing on the ground.

And he (?) was injured.

“E-Excuse me?” I whispered, alarmed at the sight. “D-Do you need help?”

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I searched around and found a good spot to rest beside the thick trusses of a large tree. I began to doze off but no sooner had I shut my eyes, was I interrupted again. I looked up, there he was, looming over me, blocking out the little light I had found here. I guess this was a blessing in some way though. At least in the darkness he couldn’t recognize me, not in this beaten condition. He always was more fragile than my wings were at birth, he couldn’t see me like this, it would destroy him.

I remained silent, yet he continued to offer assistance. I couldn’t stay silent forever but on the other hand, if he got closer, he might recognize me. I couldn’t continue like this, I had to speak up. As I struggled to my feet, he came over to help me. “Of course he didn’t recognize me!” I thought to myself, “I’ve evolved since then.” I cleared my throat to speak up.

Just as I was about to greet him, I spotted a figure rush by behind him; a Raptorex. I quickly spun us around and used the last of my energy to throw us both into the safety of the canopy. My wings ached now, but at least up here I could rest. Although, there was the minor problem that I was still going to have to talk to HIM sooner or later…

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I was surprised when the greenwing grabbed me and pulled us up into the trees. At first, I thought of struggling, but the journey was too quick to do or even say anything.

Below, a raptorex darted into the place where we were. I perked up hopefully, but the face was not familiar to me. I sighed, then looked over to the stranger.

“Thanks for helping me,” I said to the greenwing, smiling timidly. “What’s your name?”

((This comment isn’t part of the roleplay. Does Marthis actually know my character or is it a misunderstanding? I’m assuming Marthis actually does know him, but I’m asking just in case.))

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My tired eyes took a while to adjust to the brilliant light of day, but in this light I was certain of the small pearex’s identity. It was as I thought, it was Zest. Memories of our childhood drifted through my dazed and confused mind, still dizzy from the events of the day so far. I could see in his eyes that he did not recognize me, not surprising really, I had changed a lot since back then. The last time he seen me I must have been a young leafwing. I could see his feathers were growing older too and the first fluffy signs of shedding had begun to appear under his aged wings. In a couple of months he would resemble the very thing we just escaped from, of course I would still be able to identify him… No amount of evolving could change his vivid orange eyes, gleaming like fresh juicy oranges in the sunlight. That was where got the name Zest from after all.

“So, uh…” I began softly. He appeared quite shaken, I guess I would be too if someone had just thrown me up into the trees. “Sorry about that down there, that Raptorex took me by surprise. I hadn’t realized we had wandered so close to his territory,” I continued. I could see in his eyes that he did not recognize me, or maybe he was still in shock from the rapid escape. Whichever it was, we didn’t have time to chat here, the sun had well passed its peak for today and I gave us maybe an hour until sunset. We could probably make it back to the river and set up camp there with his beowolf friend before then, even with my injuries slowing me down and being restricted to only crawling along the treetops, but we would have to move quickly.

I slowly began the crawl back to the river, Zest’s bright eyes followed my every move. I got on all fours and spread my wings out to steady myself.

“Climb aboard little guy, lets get you back to your beowolf friend. The treetops aren’t exactly a Pearex’s natural habitat,” I offered with a smile, “Just hang in and watch out for that wing of mine.”

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“Sorry about that down there,” the greenwing apologized. “That raptorex took me by surprise. I hadn’t realized we had wandered so close to his territory.”

I nodded slightly, and he turned towards me. He seemed to be searching for something, but whatever he was looking for was obviously not there. I subconsciously pawed the large branch beneath us, uncomfortable by the look I was receiving.

The greenwing cleared his throat quietly (and with just a little hint of awkwardness), then crouched down and began to crawl back towards the river. “Climb aboard little guy, let’s get you back to your beowolf friend. The treetops aren’t exactly a Pearex’s natural habitat.” He smiled at me, and I felt a little pang in my chest. That smile looked so familiar… somehow.

I shook my head, then I hopped next to him. “Just hang in and watch out for that wing of mine,” he added.

“Okay,” I said. My voice sounded really small all of the sudden, but I ignored that and began to trail after him.

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As he hopped towards me, I could see something had changed. He had become distracted by something and just stared into nothingness, as if his head had been suddenly flooded with images he simply couldn’t miss. Maybe he was beginning to recognise me. He was still reluctant to get on my back though but as we crawled forward atop the foliage, I could see he was quite unsteady on his feet. As much as it hurt to do so, I once again stretched out my wings and balanced myself and reached out my arm towards him.

He stopped suddenly, and became defensive, curling down. It was odd to me to see him shy away like this, he was always the more…lets just say extravagant…of us. I kept my hand out and he kept his wings firmly by his sides. I smiled again and signalled him to grab my claw. A few moments later, he loosened up and reached out to me, grasping my claw as I hauled him up onto my back. It was strange, that touch, it felt like a connection. It was as if we both knew…As much as I wanted to stay in that moment though, we had to keep moving. A female greenwing isn’t so camouflaged when dusk falls no thanks to our luminescent head crest, and that time wasn’t too far away.

“So, Zest…long time no see,” I began, now being as good a time as any. After that moment, I couldn’t spend the rest of the journey in silence. He suddenly looked up, yup, I think it might have just clicked.

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((Okay, she then. Sorry!))

I looked up at the greenwing, my eyes widening in surprise. “How do you know my name?” I asked, startled.

((Heh… kinda ruined the moment but ya know :|))

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sorry Shen, didnt mean to delete your post. 

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It’s fine… Probably best you did anyway.

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He looked shocked when I spoke his name. He asked how I knew it. How could he not recognise me? How could he not remember me, I thought for sure he felt the connection I felt when he stretched out for my hand. I ignored him for now, remembering me was going to take some time it would appear, and that was something we couldn’t spare on our way to the river.

After a long, silent crawl across the canopy, the darkness had begun to catch up with us and it wouldn’t be long before we would run out of daylight altogether. We were close to the river now though. As we reached the end of the forest, Zest hopped off of my back and quickly dropped through the canopy, tangling his foot in a low-hanging vine. Yeah, Pearex are certainly no leafwing but it was impressive how quickly he untangled himself as a I slowly made my way safely down the tree trunk.

Our feet were on solid ground now, and we could rest soon, but first we needed to set up camp.

“Zest, go gather some small rocks at the river, will you? I’ll quickly get some firewood from the tree line”

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The greenwing didn’t say anything about how she knew my name, so I just swallowed my confusion and slight disgruntlement and stayed quiet.

When we neared the river, I leaped off her back, expecting a smooth jump to the floor. Unfortunately, I miscalculated my jump and got my foot tangled in a vine.

I growled in irritation, quickly getting out of the messy situation and finally landing on the ground. The earth felt nice. I never did like the trees, anyway.

The greenwing appeared next to me. I blinked at her in surprise, but she ignored my shock and said, “Zest, go gather some small rocks at the river, will you? I’ll quickly get some firewood from the treeline.”

I violently stomped on the urge to ask how she knew my name again, because apparently she didn’t want to answer. 

“Fine,” I said. I wasn’t sure if I said it harshly or not, but as I slunk out of the forest, a heavy feeling of guilty weighed me down. I stopped, pawed at the ground, and then snorted to clear my mind. Silly me and my silly antics.

I gathered the rocks like she ordered me to, and while I was doing it, I looked for the beowolf. However, he wasn’t there anymore. My curiosity perked up, but like all my other urges, I mentally kicked it and left for the greenwing.

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He seemed a bit disgruntled, although he was never one for taking orders, especially not off a girl! None the less, he made his way to get some rocks.

I looked around, frightened, what happened to his Beowolf friend? Had he went searching for us? Had he been stolen from us? Oh well, now wasn’t the time to worry, the shadow of the forest was quickly engulfing the riverside and the last orange shards of daylight were just making it through the dense canopy across the river. I moved back to the treeline and collected some dry sticks for firewood.

Making my way back, I could see Zest had already made a ring of stones just away from the riverbank for the fire pit so I quickly put the sticks in and rubbing them together, made some fire which quickly spread through the dry sticks. I figure this should last through the night.

We sat down across the fire from each other in silence for a couple of minuted before I spoke up,

“So Zest, what brings you here? Do you recognise me at all?”

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