The Green Lineup

Here’s a pretty solid lineup. I’m not going to boast a 30 win streak. But I do win roughly about 75% of the time with this: which is all you can really hope for.

It goes with the times…lots of front three wind trios…lots of up front metal arks. Im not seeing nearly enough fire trios up front to discourage this lineup. 

If any of you have any suggestions to improve the lineup feel free to post them. Thank you.










Stegospike or Subzeratops (some are against stegospike)






There’s a part of me thinking Stego shouldn’t even be on there. :wink: Go figure.

I think you’re missing Halopard.
I’d consider switching one of: Stego, Grem, or Destructor out for Halo.
Maybe it’s just me, but I feel any team is better with a well placed Halo.

I dunno, halopard just seems so squishy…

I won’t argue that point! I totally agree.
Kinda why I felt I needed to follow up with “well placed.” :wink:
But still, Reinforce/Haste/Offering (with no elemental weakness) in one package is excellent, even if the wrapper is squishy.

If halo can even pull of 1 reinforcement on a pair of heavy hitters, it does justify it’s spot but even that’s not guaranteed.

Idk, I’ve been suggesting sapherion everywhere, because i think every lineup could use one. Sapherion could easily counter the start of this lineup and a wind trio. I like the lineup, however i dont understand why so many people are only using cryo with only one water ark next to it. If you are going to use it, use it to its full potential.

Totally agree I see the same with ANY army creature for that matter. Seems like a sacrifice made to include more arks you WANT rather than NEED.