The Gloreonix Case

Having looked over my collection of legendary monsters, both limited and non-limited, there’s always been one monster that felt underwhelming in my eyes, that being Gloreonix. It was first debuted as a limited legend alongside the vastly superior Revenarchion and to this day it remains the most middling limited monster of them all. Granted, it isn’t a bad monster by any means but it could really stand to use a buff, especially since all the other featured legends in this festival (Utopion, Leogeist and Tygoron) are so much better than it. The thing is that it doesn’t even need that big a buff; just change Timestrike to Timecrush and upgrade Stunning Entrance to Shocking Entrance and you have yourself a fine legend to play with.

Some people may not like the buffed entrance since Swap for Moji could be used to abuse it, but with the nerf to Shocking Entrance, it’s no longer as oppressive as it was before. Additionally, with the promised fix to Timecrush, it seems like a chance to give it to a monster that really needs some help. You’re free to disagree with me if you chose, but this is something that’s been bothering me for some time now.


I agree with giving it Timecrush. That would be a fair buff. Disagree with giving it shocking entrance. That will be abused like you said. The shocking entrance Nerf was not a big nerf at all.

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Swap moji into swap mojimo (first form of mojinator) and ss as timecrush all

You guys always want to buff monsters I don’t have and nerf the ones I have :pleading_face: :cry:
But I agree gloreonix deserves the buff

I use to abuse his swap moji with malwing and sweatfeather (it would setup his link hypnotize) It use to be a deadly combo that stunned and sleep locked my opponent ( Very rarely my opponent made a comeback) Malwing SS nerf and Angelion ( Stun converter wave) saw to the end of that. Since then ive literally not used him as he literally struggles to make any significant impact and ive tried alot since his one of my favourite monster. Timecrush would be an improvement but what he needs to make an impact is shocking entrance otherwise he struggles to set himself up especially with all the stun protection available now.

I’d love to see him buffed :raised_hands:t2:

Swap for moji.

Should swap for moji 3rd form.
(Where he has heal all, purify) roaring enterance.

Timestrike all into (70sec double retribution).
A secondry passive. Defensive such as Holding ground

Timestrike for timecrush


I’m not a fan of giving it timecrush. Not every monster needs a piercing move. However, I feel like this monster always deserved shocking entrance but back when it was 160s that was too much to give a monster with “pull back”, similar to Huskegon.

It should just be given shocking entrance and be done with it. Timestrike and bloodcrave is enough for its sweeping.


One or the other. Not both.

Exactly. Both is mythic level


“Swap for Moji” should be changed to “Swap for Mojito,” a move that makes @Dev_VKC send you a mojito in real life every time you use it


Omg that buff would be amazing :pleading_face:

It also needs stun immune or sleep immune.

:scream:This means you were lucky as the heaven in hatching.