The fruits that give you more training sessions

Okay… So I go to the mission where you use gold keys to get the fruits and after I beat the mission it says it gives me 3 fruits and it does sometimes but when I go to use them on my monsters I end up using every bit of my silver because it doesn’t register me having them I curently have 8 de aging fruits but when I click on them to de age my monsters it says I don’t have any and I don’t have enough silver to get any more I would take a screenshot but my home button on my iPod 5 touch is broken I have to use the assistive touch and I don’t have acsess to a computer or the internet all the time please help if you can as soon as possible

The fruit is not free to use. That’s why.

Each fruit costs 3,000 silver to use. Oh and btw you can take a screenshot of your screen with the assistive touch, just gotta look through the settings on the button :slight_smile:

Each fruit costs 5,000 silver to use in my game.

It’s 5000, but if your short on money do the silver mines online dungeon

I just figured it out like 15 minutes after I posted this I feel stupid thanks guys and btw thanks for not bein trolls most forum users iv met troll for stupid questions