What's the yellow version of the de-aging fruit and how do you get it?

Can you get the yellow de-aging fruit from dungeons, or is it only online?

It’s fruit that adds on 10 days of training instead of 3 days. I’ve gotten them during the random battles within the de-aging fruit dungeons but there’s a main event where you’re guaranteed to get 3 gold de-aging fruits by the end of it . This event is rarely open though. The Devs give us an update when it’s open.

It is a super de-aging fruit and it gives you ten training points vs the three that you get from the normal one.  It costs just as much to use it (5000 silver).  There is a low percentage drop ration in dungeons or even the de-aging fruit mission from the three battles just before the boss battle.  Otherwise there has been one event where you can play the mission to get three of them if you’re level 35 i think.

I got it once from mob fight in the deagging fruit thing

When it was opened, it cost three times as much as the normal fruit dungeon. It only saves time to acquire and not much savings in tickets. I could care less about it since all my monsters don’t need deaging fruit. I accumulateed too many and had nobody to use them on. I couldn’t even use them and couldn’t do any mission until I wasted gems to spin the wheel to acquire another Epic which required three spins. I am not sure why they limit the number of fruits you can save.