Help with training


new here, found my way via the wikia.

Does anyone know what the best way to train monsters is?  I’m struggling getting mine to max stats within the 60 session limit. Is it best to try and purely go for gold cards or combos?

And is it best to try and focus on maxing one stat first or try a balanced approach?

Also is there an optimum amount of sessions to use? I’m tending to go for 6.

I’ve managed to get one stars and a few 2 stars to max within the 60 sessions but have struggled with others and all of the 3 star monsters from the wild & dungeons/ruins.

If anyone has any tips they’d be appreciated, I will probably start over so I can save the silver from not having to go for extra sessions and have more for ultra-evolving.

The game is made so that you can’t max out stats for three star monsters and up with the 60 sessions. That’s where youth (de-aging) fruits come into play.
Silver isn’t a huge issue when the super silver mines event goes live.
I go for a balanced approach when training.

Don’t worry about aiming for specific stats, if you max one out it will automatically improve a different one even if you keep training that stat. Thus it’s better just to go for gold cards and combos.

But yes, you’re not supposed to be able to get them to max within the 60 sessions. Like Ed said, you have to use the fruits. You can get them from online missions. 

Also even the normal silver mine gets you like 70000 minimum, which should be more than enough for a few monsters (assuming they’re under 3 stars). 

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Cheers for the replies guys, Knew would be the case for the ultra evolve monsters not reaching max within 60 but was concerned I was missing a trick with the catchable monsters.