Important notice regarding the Forum!

Hi everyone!

This is an announcement to let you know that we will be moving the forum in the near future.

While we have saved the forum in its current state, and will be able to take this across to the new forum, any new content will unfortunately be lost in the move. So if you have any important posts that you want to ensure they make it to the new forum. Please save a copy of the content so that you can re-upload it after the move.

We had the option of closing the forum until the move, but we wanted to make sure that the transition was as least disruptive as possible.

Thank you for your understanding and support!

Where are we moving to?

The location will still be the same!

I’m a little confused… you say the forum’s current state is saved, yet content will be lost? Will we still be able to see all of the old posts in a separate “vault” sort of thing? And what do you mean by saving a copy of the content?

It means they have saved the forum I’m guessing yesterday so any posts from then won’t be counted
What I think is happening is they moving neo to a lower file so they can put the new game as the main forum page
Or they making the forum look better

Apologies for the confusion.

So we have saved a backup of the forum in its state yesterday. All the content up to that point will be transferred to the new forum, however anything posted since the backup will not be included and so will be lost upon the move. Old posts that were backed up should be available similarly to as they are now, so not in a “vault”.

If there are any posts that you have posted or will post since yesterday that you want to be available after the change, please be aware that you will need to post it again, so saving a copy of the post somewhere would be advised.

Let me know if anything is still unclear!


Any explanation to why moving?new game as lochi said?new forum with new features?

We wanted to make improvements to the forum. Moving should allow us to build an even better forum for everyone :slight_smile:

Ok got it,good luck

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Will all message conversations be transferred over without trouble?

When another forum I’m part of updated (moved to a new supplier) I think all personal conversations were lost.

If it’s anything like the forum moves I’ve seen then PMs will probably be lost since the backup only saves public posts.
Don’t know for certain if it’s the case here but it’s worth saving any PMs you want to keep just in case

Yeah I figured as much. I’ll have to have a quick trawl through and save important bits.

Hopefully PM’s will make it through the transfer, however I unfortunately cannot guarantee it, so please make a backup of any important DMs that you do not want to lose.

When can we expect the move to happen?