The current matchmaking in pvp

@Dev_VKC please review.
The pvp matchmaking is currently very uneven. It should be if you have a winning streak you should go up to the top level up there so good, but if you have a losing streak you should lower the level. Because it is not possible that if you have lost 5 games in a row, a player remains at the top level and continue to face the top of the game. I think that if you win you go up and if you lose you lower the levels.


Unfortunately , that’s how it works . Once you reach tier , u cannot go down . Atleast that’s what I remember vkc saying .

If the pvp were to be that way (If you win, you go up and if you lose level drops, then we would be in a big predicament since people Without honor will take advantage of the matchmaking system and will obtain results that really do not correspond to them, For me they should create an all vs all system

What I’m saying is if you win, you level up and face the winning players. But if you are losing and you are already at the maximum level, you will continue to face the players who are at that level and it should not be like that. If you lose you should go down to the previous level and start the cycle again.


I understood perfectly what you say, it seems that you do not. If we downgrade by losing, we could lose on purpose to lower the level and thus face less winning players

Ok thats right them all vs all

What a shame, we can’t now get a losing streak to get easier matches during ranked! Yay for exploits being stopped!

But more seriously… @TNC_GOD_THOR We do actually go lower, just within the same bracket (tier). If you are in the top bracket of PvP and lose lots then you will be in the bottom of the top bracket. The game will try to match you with other players in the bottom of the top bracket. If the game can’t find anyone low they will put you with someone at the top of the top bracket. If still no one, it will look in the lower bracket. Also, if you just won a match you will get put against someone who won a match. If you just lost, you’ll go against someone who lost a match (the game will try to do this, not guaranteed).

So what you’re asking for is already possible. There’s simply a limit how far down you can go and there’s still a chance you’ll play the top people. Remember also that the top ranked people are probably doing more PvP matches so there’s a higher chance you’ll bump into them.


I’m not so sure that the limit to matchmaking dropping is entirely a good thing. I remember I basically had to skip half a PvP season because some good rng got me into the top bracket, and then I couldn’t win. Where do you think that meme came from?

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