The Battles of the Masters

Idea just came to me, so why not?

Anyways…I thought that it would be sweet if we could record battles between top players for people to watch for their own enjoyment. It could also be a great way to observe different strategies and try to develop your own, copy it, or come up with strategies against them (hinthint). But mostly the first part. Cuz honestly, who wouldn’t enjoy an intense battle?

So yeah…I’ll make this thread pretty later.

Current Videos: None

So yeahhh…umm…this is like…awkward. I hope to put up some battles soon.

Requirements for battles to be added:

  1. Players must have at least 10 monsters that are at least 9.5 stars

  2. Players must have above a 3:1 win ratio

  3. Instead of number 1, it’s possible if there are only 5 9.5+, but the other 5 must be at least 9 stars, and in this case only, at least 5 must be S Ranked.

  4. Players must have beaten the game

  5. The battle should NOT involve mostly Bonus Actions. Those don’t make good battles.

  6. Idk, I’ll think of more.

I’d love to see these- fantastic idea. 

Yeah, thanks.

Ashley and I are working on recording one. We’ll try to have one up soon…hopefully.

(Edit: I can guarantee you that I’ll lose. I only win maybe 1 out of 7 battles with her at most. So yeah, don’t even begin to think that I’ll win…but it should be a good match regardless).