Pvp recording

Would you like us to add the ability to record PvP plays so that you can share it on youtube, facebook, our forums etc?

  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. I don’t care.

Just to be clear, we have an update ready, which should be live early Jan, which fixes a lot of the bugs, takes care of PvP security, and puts a cap on enemy double actions.( admins words )

Just a heads up for anyone who might not know, Oxambi is quoting the Hunter Island Facebook page newest post.

I think recording pvp battles would be a cool feature, I support this.

Me to

Definitely support.

Definitely…want to watch those epic battles

I want this so bad :smiley:

It would really make it easy for some people to make video guides about strategies and everything and would get a Youtube community around the game and the PvP :D 

im assuming this should be pvp only? pop up after every battle for single players will annoy players, especially people on the casual side. 

Yes. PvP only.

Yes pvp only most definitely

I’d LOVE this for PvP.

i don’t actually care, i just see no point in it, but since its just an added feature, why not?

What you mean theres no point in this … You clearly don’t know much

just can’t see the point in showing someone the battle i had with a random guy on a game. And by the way, i think i know enough about this game :slight_smile:

This way I get to record all the funny disconnects

Wouldn’t it be fun to see some of the top players fighting each other in an intense battle?

Wouldn’t it be great to show people how to use different strategies?

This has great potential to make interesting videos, useful guides, hilarious fails, and awesome battles. It’s enjoyable, enlightening, etc.

So yeah…that’s the point of it. n.n

Awesome I would like to share epic battles with people

But i think there should be a fearure in one of the menus to record single player.

Yes, you could have a setting that allows toggling it for single player (and PvP for that matter).