The Basement(Enter At Your Own Risk, Read first post.)

Oo naw. My most kill in a match is 20

Any more pings and it’s an instant ban. I’m being nice and giving you a warning even though I shouldn’t be.

Boilertribe I’m sorry for pinging you. I didn’t think it would trigger Zard so much.

I’ll forgive you this once but next time Im flagging your Bishazz



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I’ve resisted posting here bc I’m not about drama. But enough is enough.

Saitama: do you really need FIVE auto protectors around bloom, dusc, & bb to get a win? Not to mention your Aeraider’s rock + Dolphreeze’s two rocks. Sad state of affairs these days. You’re a good player - have some self respect


Shameless that’s why he is enjoying it so much. Even after using that strategy he acts like he is a top pvp player lol

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Geez people that degrade others for using any strategy, no matter how annoying, are the real idiots in my personal opinion.

Why the heck do you even care about what someone likes to play with? You’re choosing to be annoyed by something, that makes you the dumb one.

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This is a an actual quote from Zard degrading my favorite strategy :joy:


11 days later. Cmon bruh

Enjinn, Replying to a post pings a person. Don’t ping them directly please. I know nothing malicious in this case, but it’s the rule.

Ah ■■■■. I do that all the time. Sorry guys :sweat_smile:

Wait so we can or cant reply in this thread? Im confused.

Replying to someone should be not forbidden. I am not pinging him with @ so your comment is like most of GaryOaks comments - useless. Go back to necro old threads please :wink:

Of course he is pointing that out whenever I post something. He is searching a reason to complain about anything from me while many posts have done that. That’s GaryOaks nature. Trying to tease the people he doesn’t like all the time because I refuse to join his childish lounge group lol

Replying to someone is fine. @ someone is not. If the first post doesn’t make this clear then I’ll edit it.

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It’s not wrong.

They are referring to once when u sarcastically said pinging is a crime or something lol… to some guy who apoogized for pinging someone !

It was far from sarcastic, and I had talked to the guy on discord a bunch so he already knew me. I was asking him kindly to not do that lol.

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““@” pinging other people specifically(if someone doesn’t comment here, they don’t want to be here).”

Here you go, the rule from the top post. Nobody has broken any rules here.

Enjiin: posts meme about how there isn’t enough memes in the meme thread.

Gary: Posts meme about how Enjiin always flags memes

Enjiin: Flags Gary’s meme about him flagging memes, resulting in the meme being removed from meme thread, leaving him back in the same scenario he was in before, complaining about how there aren’t enough memes in the meme thread :joy: