The Basement(Enter At Your Own Risk, Read first post.)

Oo naw. My most kill in a match is 20

Any more pings and it’s an instant ban. I’m being nice and giving you a warning even though I shouldn’t be.

Boilertribe I’m sorry for pinging you. I didn’t think it would trigger Zard so much.

I’ll forgive you this once but next time Im flagging your Bishazz



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I’ve resisted posting here bc I’m not about drama. But enough is enough.

Saitama: do you really need FIVE auto protectors around bloom, dusc, & bb to get a win? Not to mention your Aeraider’s rock + Dolphreeze’s two rocks. Sad state of affairs these days. You’re a good player - have some self respect


Shameless that’s why he is enjoying it so much. Even after using that strategy he acts like he is a top pvp player lol

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