The Basement(Enter At Your Own Risk, Read first post.)

If you have something to say to someone else, then post it here. If you post the kind of stuff that belongs in this thread elsewhere, then there will be issues with the Mod team.

Non-tolerated behaviors:

  • Doxxingimage
  • Threatening of physical violence
  • Any obscene content(pornographic, violent etc…)
  • “@” pinging other people specifically(if someone doesn’t comment here, they don’t want to be here).
  • False reports.

This list can and will be updated as necessary.

Any violation of any of these rules will result in a permanent ban. Use your common sense, keep your ego in check.

If someone breaks a rule, report it to mods ASAP using the report button.

Nice! Thanks, Zardecil

Now we can keep that dip​:poop: NMEGaryOak in check :joy::joy:

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First topic. 4 on 0 is a bull**** strategy that only lil bitches run.


Please explain what doxxing is explicitly in the rules (yes I have google but lets just keep it clear right in the rules)

And please give people reasonable time to adjust to not using @ before permenantly banning them.

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Haha ya i tagged a couple people before quickly realizing i already broke a rule.

That was a given when I posted that rule.

Thank you.

So this is the Neo “saloon” :smiley:


First of all, The development of OoO is a disgrace and shame. To everyone using Oniblade with a sleep immune monster: Go *uck yourself.

Next thing: People who claimed to have inventented stun lock in 2019 have serious psychological issues and still suffer from gettin their ■■■ kicked by GGMadara back in the days. They would have never gotten to the top of pvp if some were still playing and never got over the fact that their best wasnt even close to being enough to beat these guys #NMARNA

There are only five people left who have a deep understanding of the game with one of them reminding me of Hidan.

People complaining about Angelion (except for being used together with oni) or Gyo or BB simply need to step up their game and get good. None of the above mentioned should cause trouble for an experienced player and all this bitching and whining wouldnt be necessary, if you would think for five seconds before you post something.

People using a frontline of Choco, Nova, Shadow + a fourth monster are also annoying AF

Posting something about ww2 and stasi while your obviously as dumb as a box of rocks is a whole new level of stupidity. Especially when your refering to the work of the moderators who are - all in all - doing a great job considering the fact that this forum is becoming more and more toxic. They guy that opened this thread is taking the hate of the of the community for basically as long as I am playing this game and defended the game and the devs way before he became a mod. We had our disagreements and I do think he is applying double standards towards some things but I lift my hat for the hard work and passion he and the other moderators are putting into this forum.


Shadow fl aint viable in todays meta as 4 on 0 FL’s are everywhere, hahaha

4 on 0 is disgraceful.

Angelion is fine if it goes up to 17 cost. There is no objective argument to be made that a tank with sweeping ability that hard counters all 3 metas should be a legend. Thats absurd andy anyone who thinks otherwise is dependent on their own angel or simply refuses to look at something objectively.

Also theres really only 1 mod that the community truly doesnt like. The other 2 (RIP Buck) do a pretty fair job, even if personal moral choices do occasionally dictate behavior.

So to be clear, George Carlins 7 dirty words are forbidden even in this thread?

Thats some :rooster::heart: :cat2::peach: :ox::poop:

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Zard May I repost that post if I don’t tag people? :thinking:

Yes. This is the basement.


I think hidan is in evertale now. A new whale or having insane luck as I saw his army.

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Yeah he playing evertale.

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Cough tago cough :sunglasses: