Hello! New Member / Intermediate Player

Hello, all! Hope everyone is doing great. 

Started playing Neo Monsters 2 weeks ago, been having a blast and felt it was time to learn more and get some pro help and tips in order to progress further in the game  :slight_smile:

I know this discussion isn’t for this, but if some of you are feeling helpful and know of some great discussions that cover important topics then please share some of those with me. Would love to follow them.

Hope to become a recurring member and get along with everyone.

Best Regards,

Balthazar (Balth, if you prefer)  :P  :P  :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey Itachi!

Thanks for the response and insight. Noticed what you meant about the new players and trolls lmao

Only looked through 5 or 6 Topics and most of the posts were new players complaining  :smiley:

But oh well it’s to be expected and can be ignored. That said the people who actually help and are posting for the benefit of the community ROCK!  :stuck_out_tongue:

I have used Line, but had to close my account recently while playing KoA due to some spam messaging issues.

So I doubt I’ll be back on it for a while, even so thanks a lot for the invite and hope we can at least communicate through here for the time being!