Best catchable pvp arks

What are the best ones and why? I’m getting hammered I don’t have many oms

Well, what OM arks do you have? What’s your current lineup? What catchable arks do you have?

List 'em off and then we’ll be able to assist you better with what to catch that you don’t have and with possibly arranging a better lineup.

My om arks are snowja and osirisworm. I have every catchable ark except glazio so I haven’t made a dreadwolf.
Current lineup
Vegitiger (got in gold egg)
Magmawym ( E rank)
Typhoonwyrm (E rank)
I also have pvp rewards upto greenmane

I’m gonna say at first glance a haleopard never hurts. You have some of the most powerful arks around in that line up. I think it comes down to overall position and pairing with the right support arks. Look for things with bolster, reinforce, haste, flash bomb, knock back, poison, death revenge, guardian. The best support arks generally witll have at least 2 of those abilities.

I’m unsure why you have Shadowstalker so far back. Shadowstalker is (generally) a great starter, as it’s tanky, quick, and can do some massive damage if used the right way.

I think you should get rid of Vulcaraptor and Frillzeon personally, as both are much too fragile for PvP, especially if they come in after an opponent’s ark in the TU lineup. I do think that another support ark would be great, such as Halopard, as stated above.

Thanks for the tips guys I’m gonna implement them now and keep trying thank you

Arks that come to my mind:










The best? Probably Don.

Don better than omega?!

The best is halopard…

The only thing I find good about don is volatile. Very rare it gets to use showdown and lately when I have it’s hit nothing more than 600

Halopard is definitely up there but in terms of just one ark by itself stats move and just usability it’s gotta be omega !! It’s a beast without any other stipulation!

Triphoon with a bonus action > Omega. Omega with a bonus action < Triphoon.

How could you tell?
Btw the arks I considered having more advantage in bonus action are: Stegospike, chillqueen, destructor and gremkight :slight_smile:

A single bonus action with Triphoon is oftentimes enough to kill Omega. A bonus action with Omega cannot kill Triphoon.

This is, of course, if both are not buffed.

If omega is at the end using vengeance it will take out triphoon.
Plus triphoon will do a lot of damage to itself after 2 consecutive hits and very likely will die afterwards.
Not to mention if you have the chance to no guard omega without getting hit. Thats big damage.
Omega’s speed is also a great advantage.
Omega has saved my butt several times, so my opinion might be biased.
Anyway, triphoon is not a catchable ark, so comparison is pointless.

Again, what I stated was with no buffs (e.g. No Guard). Regarding the recoil damage, Triphoon can still kill Omega without the recoil taking even half of his HP. Omega’s vengeance will take just under half of Triphoon’s HP at the end of a battle (or so that’s what I’ve noticed the times I’ve seen a match come down to Omega/Triphoon) where Triphoon’s Brash attack will take just over a half of Omega’s.

I really doubt that a last standing omega will not kill a triphoon in two hits if triphoon is not boosted.

If you want to talk about ifs and buts its a whole different story and in reality it does not work like that. If triphoon is boosted, if omega is not, that would be as pointless as bringing triphoon into a catchable arks discussion.

Regarding the above posts: 

If you’re including the OM and egg arks then I don’t think there is a  single best Arkadian anymore. Certain Arkadians will do well against some but not others. If you’re talking about a 1 on 1 battle for example then a Shadowstalker against an Omega, the Shadowstalker would win most of the time. It will have a few chances to use Daydream before it dies, with a 50% chance of hitting the opponent. If/when it hits it will kill the omega. 

A Triphoon has a better chance, because it can kill the Shadowstalker in two hits. 

In a 1 on 1 battle a Stegospike will be able to beat most Arkadians, simply because it can stun the opposition infinitely, build up TU get an attack or two in before stunning again. Your only hope would be to 1HKO it, and without buffs, I think only Vegitiger can do.

But back to the original question, then Omega is the best single catcheable Arkadian. It’s the only catchable arkadian more than 10 stars (and there’s only two 10 stars as well, which happen to be the two fusions before Omega). Everything else is a maximum of 9.5 stars.

I agree there is an imbalance between the catchable arkadians and the egg/OM arkadians, however I think that’s the point (especially OM arkadians). The active players that follow the game will be able to get the odd OM arkadian before they get released to everyone. The hardcore players will be able to get most of them before everyone can get them.

My advice to Fired Eagle would be to check out some of the strategies in the PvP section, there’s some in there that don’t include Egg Arkadians and OM Arkadians that can do pretty well.

Hang in there and there’ll be released to everyone at some point. 

What are the best ones and why? I’m getting hammered I don’t have many oms

Hi Firedeagle, it seems that you are a beginner in PvP. I’d advise you to take a look at my thread to get you understand PvP and play it more smartly. It also discusses arks and such. Although, many great arks have been mentioned in this thread as well.