That moment...

You know that moment when you’re 1 slot away from the 5,000 gold grand prize in the gold egg?

I do. Just did it…twice. :frowning:

I smell a new forum game!

That moment when you want to catch a S cherub… and it sacrifices itself

Ahaha. So true. Although I’d rather try to spin for a decent Angelon. Although the highest ranking I’ve ever gotten on an Angelon via spin was B, iirc.

That moment when you win a hatchling in an egg…and feed it to a monster.

I forgot my angelon’s grade haha

Feeding hatchlings? Argh! 

That moment when you do AoE while you’re hunting dragonlings and you realize… that bluechick was actually a bluey.

Ahaha. That sucks. I’ve only run past a dragon once…and that was on DIB. Killed of a Blue. Oh well…

Hmmm…That moment when you’re doing a PVP battle, you both have 1 monster left with hardly any health left…you have the next turn and can win…and then you click Guardian on accident.

That moment when you have vulcarex up to 50~ hp and then it gets 3 bonus actions in a row and kills your remaining team members.


i killed him next try by the way.

I HATE that. I did that with the FO right after Vulca. What was it…Esapid or something? I don’t remember.

Btw, Subzeratops, any monster with haste, and Hydrowyrm work well against Vulc. Haste is obvious, and the powerful water monsters make sense as well. Subzeratops has the ability to use no guard, giving it massive attack, and then use chain slow to both damage and slow the opponent. I’ve used GoldenHorn and Subzeratops to 2HKO several bosses. In most cases, I only lose one or two arkadion in those battles…then there’s that Arkwing boss that’s super annoying and kills everything…

Haha, don’t worry, i already beat him, this was a few hours ago. Thanks though.

**that moment when you’re spinning for a gold monster. The wheel’s stopping, it’s going to be the one you want!!! And then you get the one that comes AFTER THAT in the wheel. Smh.

That happens to me all the time. I’ve been close to an infernowyrm, several hatchlings, etc.

Oh well. I’m considered a lucky guy when it comes to eggs. Can’t really complain about the fails…

That moment when you are doing the online mission and you search the floor over and over again to find the boss…and you realize that you’re on floor 21 instead of 22.

That moment when… You see people who get a lot of good stuff from spinning eggs, I go like armgfhghghggjghahvsb!

That moment when you’re one of those people :stuck_out_tongue:

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That moment when you farm the Bluey spot 800+ times without finding one and then start to wonder how many of the bluechicks you killed were actually bluechicks

That moment when you farmed the same spot for 12 hours and unable to count how many seaquills, breezelings, and bluechicks you have massacred to find that cursed hatchling

And it’s a rank E one

That moment when you defeat all of your oponents creatures in PVP and are given a defeat… three times in a row for a demotion =(

was so sad

That moment when you see arks like this but can’t capture them


I want!!!

OMG I was thinking of making this thread 2 days ago lol. That moment when Tiamat has less than 100hp and all my arkadians die

I’m laughing so hard because guardiron and destructor… oh, let’s just say… “haha”

That moment when you have a random arkadion that’s really rare and you don’t remember getting it…?

Lmfaooooo oh snap xD