worst thing to happen to you

Recently i was showing my fiance how to play the game and explaining what the game was like. I showed her how attacking works and how to see what each move does. I left the room for a moment and came back when she says how do you catch them because i jus saw one that looked really cute. So i showed her and asked what one it was thinking im sure i have it already. She says it looked like a baby blue dragon in an egg shell. I showed her a picture of one of the hatchlings and sure enough it was the last one i needed after hours of farming and no luck.

I see a divorce in your near future

Lol i thought about it for a second but luckily just caught bluey about an hour ago so ill let it slide. Was also an s rank


I am uncertain on how to reply to that, so I will just share my worst moment:

Saw an S breezeling. Killed it.

Crying and sobbing and wailing and bawling ensues.

Charcalynx is just about to kill a monster.

…that monster attacks my stegospike.