Someone with charcalynx

So this charcalynx can one hit everyone? Wtf

Not initially. It is really weak at first, but once it makes a kill, it gains an extremely high amount of damage.

Stun decks everywhere for this monster D:…LIKE PLAYING AN EXODIA DECK IN YU GI OH…boring…just sit there not doing any battling…wAtching the other guy stun you until he gets 1 kill…and you stand no chance after…

Not stun deck, but stegospike deck

So this charcalynx can one hit everyone? ***

How does he look?

stegospike,charcalynx and one monster with haste or reinforce move, such combo is quite common now. In fact, I don’t think it is really difficult to break this combo with monster having kockback or stun move. The reason why you are stunned in the whole match is just because you are not familar with this combo, without any counter stragety.

Red cat.

Now, as long as the enemy stego doesn’t get a bonus action, you’re fine.

…but if he/she does, it’s likely that you will not even get a chance to move, so yeah…charca will kill you.

Wait- what’s a Charcalynx…? It isn’t on the Wiki list. 

Does it even drop from the eggs? never seen it.

Charcalynx does drop from eggs.

Two moves are Bloodthirst and tailwind. Combined with the right monsters, it can take care of nearly all of your opponents monsters with ease…if you mess up, it becomes useless. Use it carefully.

I haven’t had luck with egg drops, but I have won the last two missions. With those two and other monsters I’ve gotten in-game I made this deck that can beat the steg/char combo. Good luck!

My recommendation: never use it in PvP. 

can charcalynx have a damage cap? it’s too easy for players to get him crazy powerful with just lining up stun/sacrifice arks before hand. pvp  has resorted to players lining up sacrifice stun arks in the very beginning, they just need to get one stun ark through and it becomes a single player match after that. one stun gets through than a chain of stuns. unlike other types of teams this stun team has no counter unless the other team creates the same stun team, and then it becomes a game of who can sacrifice a stun first and then it’s followed by 15 minutes just watching charcalynx taking out the entire team never letting the other player do anything.

scramble and knockback are ineffective because players just sacrafice all stun arks until the three ark combo meet.

saphireon is useless, because any ark can take out a 99 level saphireon with one hit, and it has no stun defense and immunity to anything, nor can it even take out those little rabbit and kentucky arks, too many stun arks out there and no arks to counter.

also IMO stuns should not be stackable, its just too imbalanced. Fixing this would make pvp much more fun. 

It can be beaten. Pretty much very effective strategy will be complained about.

It’s not easy for players to actually use it if you know how to stop it…

Exactly. Do you know how many times I have effectively used Charcalynx against Ashley? 0.

So eventually I stopped using it. There are better monsters out there. People may be attracted to it, but it is not Blademaster number two. It’s much weaker than people realize.

It’s probably due to my lack of experience, but I can’t really think of a team that can win against a charcolynx/haste/stun without resorting to creating a stun team too and hoping the first person deliver a stun and trying to take out one of the combo components before they combine.

I think its safe to say that you two are experts at the game and probably know how to counter it without resorting to stun teams. But personally I think stuns teams in this game are way too overpowered. Considering the amount of posts in this forum about the imbalance of stun mechanics in the game, I think the developer should consider looking into it as a valid concern. Or at least release arks better than the saphireon :slight_smile:

for example week one, everyone that had a wyrm/dragon team were the most powerful, until destructor was released and it helped level the playing field against those power teams. Can we hope a new ark similar to the destructor against stun teams will be released in the near future?


Well, moves to prevent you from having a turn will always screw you up. That’s what they are meant to do. Your job is to find a way to minimize the damage, protect monsters that would benefit you for that specific battle, and figure our a way to take them down. Stegospike and Charcaltnx are fairly easy to beat once the cycle has been broken. I’d make a guide, but where’s the fun in that?

I’m not sure how to do that? the teams I’ve played are majorally sacrifice ark/ stun teams, so  there is no minimizing or limiting moves, first six arks are all stun/sacrifice, only one needs to launch out of the six arks, in a single turn and then  it becomes a single player match and you sit there watching the player sacrifice/stun until charlynx shows up with multiple haste arks before and after the charcolynx. by then your arks are all permanently stunned by the first round before you can’t launch a counter.

all I can think of to stop that is have a line up of stun arks too in cross your fingers hoping you are first to lauch a stun.

Anyone who puts haste monsters with Charcalynx is a fool. It speeds itself up on its own.

It’s highly likely that you may have to have a few monsters die in order to get back in te game…but it should be an easy win if the opponent is relying on one strategy. That’s why I never rely on these methods, even though I have the monsters. Once the cycle is broken, it’s easy to take care of the rest. Now, Charcalynx spends 62 TU to kill a monster of yours…that will add up and you will eventually get the chance to attack…unless, the opponent has stun monsters. This is why Charcalynx+Stegospike+Angelon+Rooknight make such a fantastic combination. First of all, if you play your cards right, you should never have to face those monsters together. Now, if the opponent does focus on sacrificing, you WILL eventually get a turn, unless the enemy has a bunch of non-sacrificial stunners. In this case, you will need some stun skin users as well as plant some guardian users strategically. That won’t always work when facing an experience opponent, though. Well, Puffoxin couldn’t hurt. Lol.

A few monsters I know of can probably help, but…just be patient.