Team Tips

First you will need to evolve some:

Raizen - amazing. At pvp use him on frontline and build arouns him (with galv, midas and whatever else you want, maybe choco).

Midas - great at pvp and pve, fast give turner with death revenge. What else we need? Use on FL with raizen on pvp.

Emeraldus - amazing at pve. deathmark will help alot with buffed monsters. Build around him. Use this line up (doesnt have to be on FL, just get there somehow): emerald, raizen, midas/solariel (for give turn) and a stun bomber (while all monsters next in line will be stun bombers too)

The shocking entrence yellow machine bird - what ever it name is, it great support at both pvp and pve

Solariel - amazing support, and very tanky. Use his give turn wisly.

Good luck :slight_smile:

Thank you so much!  I will start evolving  :smiley:

I’d add tridrakhan to that list of monsters to evolve, he’s a pretty strong midgame monster

I use him in my team but unfortunly never was to happy about him.
For pve poison is just bad (only auto poisoners and bane are usefull imo).
And for pvp hes very great against protectors and sleepers, but the enemy doesnt always run them, and then he needs support from another poison fellow because the lack of poison touch, and even then - other then buffed stats hes not much better then an epic poison eater.
By the way i use him for FL, hes a punisher there :stuck_out_tongue: