I know this is not really the place where I should seek advice, but this is the only place I know where there are adults and where I can maintain my anonymity. I just finished my midterm exams in college (first-year nursing student) and recently got a girlfriend. Recently, I’ve been struggling to manage my time and have no more time to play the game, and even in my free time at school, I can’t play the game due to the absurdity of the game’s characters. I really liked this game, as I played it for a very long time. I started to play this game 2-3 months before its 3rd anniversary, though not consistently, as I was playing the game on and off. I’m not the best student in my class, but I have good grades (top 9–15 if you compile our grades). My top priority is my studies, then my personal life, then the game. Should I take a break from the game, or should I just quit for good?

I know this is not related to the game, but any advice would be helpful.


if u want my advise take a short 2 month break and try to make some new habits to maintain the balance of your life … idk gym - sleep routine and sht … i also was giga addicted to leage of legends and recently hit plat in it but it was ruining the life … so just suddenly delete it and in these 2 month try focus on the priorities of your life… then if everything was fine come back and try to play in a controlled amount of time…
good luck

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yeah I should do that, and if I still don’t have time to play after taking a break i should just forget the game.
thanks for the advice man

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Do it like my small son. For a few month, just do the shrine and other times in life will come, you can still decide to play again or not.

Be sure to not give your account away or sell it. Keep it and just take a break.

I like your priorities. Life, family and the gaming just at the low priority in your free time.

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It’s always worth keeping your options open and keeping the possibility of going back to the game if you want to.

Log in for the shrine and do not sell your account.

I recently took a 6 month break and found it didn’t take long to get back into the swing of things.

Good luck for your studies :blush:


ywc king ! :saluting_face:
gl on ur journey

Delete the game :slight_smile:

Girlfriend will leave u for other guy so use the time spended with ur gf to play



General rule of advice is to ignore all of Loki’s advice :wink:



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