I want to make T.T.L ( The Tip Line ) for beginners of the game to help them proceed the main story and face the difficulties we had to stop for.

Some strategy’s like using Firequeen to use Offspring to summon Firesoldiers So ur Minoblast or maybe Don Penguini can use Throw or Bloodmagic.

Also the ability to stun can come in handy if u fight opponents with much bonus actions such as Leviathans

Remember Dracobane is a onehit kill for Dragons and if U struggle with a Metallodius just use an Arkadion with Metal Slash!

If U have any more tips for beginners or PVP’ers or just want to share something u found out? Then  share  it!

The first egg contains draggonlings. Try to get an S grade draonling from it. If unsuccessful, delete the save and start again. I got mine within 10 mins.

Tap the tomb stone in the first town and type “dragon island” to receive an extra S grade ARK Penguini.

Catch rate is 100% near Orlen. Catch Pearex in the tip of the forest to the east of Orlen.

Frostjack is found south of Orlen. It evolves into a monster with Metal Slash and is used in a couple of recipes you will get later on

Except your better off saving Frostjack and using it to fuse into shadowlance or luxknight. You can find snowjacks evo in a cave in the ice area (:

I was talking about the early game

And dont get ur hopes high when u know the Hatchlings and starters locations because grinding for them takes really alot of time!