How do you get starters!?

Basically, where you can fuse arkadions you can fuse a Glazio and that bore pig thing, where would I go about getting one of them in any of the evolution forms?

You get the starters first four spots above orlen. ( on the road, do Not, go to the woods )

Spot one = frost kit ( cat )
Spot two = brakie ( dinosaur turtle )
Spot three = spark ( monkey )
Spot four = snorkling ( pig )

They are also in eggs, but your probably better off trying to farm one. Their spawn rates are low so it will take some time. Good luck (:


I’m glad you told him exactly where the tiles are and which one gives what… Most people just say “north of Orlen” and then players go like 7 tiles above Orlen and wonder why starters won’t spawn lol

And make sure u have something to do when farming for them or else u Will get very bored soon

And i reccomend using mettalo method to, it seems to have saved time for most people

may i  ask what help does metallo do with the starters/hatchlings and where can i get one ? thanks :slight_smile:

In the azid ziggurat you can get one, (they are rare and i recommend getting 2 because you’ll need one for a fusion) but they are there and mettalos evolution knows a move called escape and is very fast so you put mettalo upfront along with 2 slow arks and keep using escape and its faster then battling because you skip the money and exp page