A quick tip for starters!!!

I’m not sure if anybody noticed this but I was going to make a new game and after you choose your starter and catch the wolf ark you get an arkadion egg which rotates through the arks pretty fast(around every 10 seconds or so) but they always have a hatchling and it isn’t far from the beginning so if you don’t get a hatchling from that egg just erase the save lot and try it again until you get it and if done correctly you should start the game with a hatchling, a starter and a penguini.

Just a heads up for those trying a new save slot out!!!

Solid tip. Also, given you start with 250 gold- if there’s a gold-egg half-off special, do that too, and keep re-trying until you get something rare. That way you can start with a starter, hatchling, and eggsclusive. :wink:

Yes and you also get 50 gold for beating the guy between orlen and agramis with the 3 pre-evolve form of Beowulf so if you want to restart after every 15 minutes then that’s your option also lol!!! I thought that doing that might take too long so I just stuck with whatever came out of the gold egg which was an infernowyrm anyways lol

How do you start with a penguini?

Type in Dragon island (i beleive) in the tombstone in the first town.

Can I do that now I have finished The game?
Just done it. Thanks :smiley: didn’t no about that

Yep no worries =D

Wow - didn’t know about the Penguini - many thanks!