Swinedene equivalent?

Hi everyone,

I was a big dragon islander and loved the Swinedene grinding spots (where you got massive XP) are there any spots in Hunter Island similar?



There isn’t a spot like THAT (that spot was removed in Dragon Island because it was “too” good). The best spot for experience that I know of right now in Hunter Island is located at…

Go to Deucalis, and go: 3 steps down (that third step is a little bit to the left, it’s on the mountain), then go 1 step left. You’ll be at the corner right by the water, and the fights will contain between 10 and 30 Biteschools. You can get some good experience here. 

Thanks Ashley, one more thing, most of my party seem to be 6* monsters but having got to the Cresent Island (sorry rubbish with names and my iPad is charging!) are there any mosters that I should prioritise that are easy to get?

I’m much better when there is a brilliant wiki like there was with DIB!

Here are some you should get that are easy to get:

  1. Raijin - recipe, requires 4 Raioh, which are found around Ravindal in the desert. This one isn’t extremely easy to get, but most 7-8+ monsters won’t be too easy.

  2. Searex - grab a Seabite north of Heorot by the lake and evolve it.

  3. Leviathan - grab a Levi on the shores of the lake near Finam.

  4. Puffoxin - get the Puffor from the water northwest of Windon.

  5. Fireheart - evolve from a Tinder, which is found in Karad Cave northeast of Earun.

  6. Pyroviper - evolves from a sizzler, found right outside of the Azid Ziggurat dungeon in the desert.

  7. Vulcaraptor - from a lavaraptor east of Finam.

  8. Twigster - from Twiggy, east of Finam in the forest.

  9. Georex - from Rexy, found southwest of Ergan, west of the cave below the mountains, and also southwest of Larkel in the grassy spot that’s outside of the forest but not next to the water.

  10. Stegotops - from Stegy in Karad Cave, northeast of Earun.

  11. Voltiger - from Voltyke, found near Maldan (just 1 step right works).

  12. Raptorex - from Pearex, east of Orlen in the forest.

These are, for the most part, at least 8 stars and fairly easy to get (though some are fairly uncommon to capture). 

Thanks so much, absolute legend! Just had a go on the grinding spot and it is proving to be very successful with Don Penguini. especially when teamed with monsters with 3 player hit moves. 

I read that in DIB your monsters would level faster if you had 2 top level monsters with them. Is that a myth?

You know, that’s something I haven’t paid much attention to. I will say, though, that when I level my monsters, I use two level 99s: Angelon and Raijin along with the monster I’m trying to level at the fish spot.

The point? Angelon goes before Raijin and casts haste, which allows Raijin’s chain attack to be used continuously without any enemies being able to land a hit on my party.

I win fights without taking any damage that way. And the monster I level levels up really fast. I can get it from 1 to 99 in a good hour or so. 

Thanks for finding this spot, and for providing a great strategy, this should save me a lot of time, thanks again

Ashley, raioh is probably easier to get in the mountains west of batek.

Could be. I haven’t done enough testing to be sure.

Omg thank you for this! This is absolutely amazingg


I now have at least 7 of the monsters you recommended…leveling them up slowly but surely. Just missed out on the Online Prize…gutted! Also realised that my iPad wont allow me to play PvP cos its an original iPad, even more gutted! 

Thanks again for your help

You have the same problem as me huh? Darn it ios 5 :frowning:

I’ve got to the raijin (final island) but can’t find Deucalis where abouts is it?

The Tower

Thank you