Best place to level up

Whet is the best place to level up at? I been trying to find the best place but can’t find it.

Biteschool method – 3 south, 1 west of Deucalis.

Is that after yelan bc that’s is as far I have got so far

Unfortunately, I’m not sure of a great training spot that early :frowning:

Thanks. Is there anyway I can bypass to get into deucails

Nope, it’s close to the end of offline play. :frowning:

Ok I guess I train in the temple then

When you get to the desert area you can go all north to where the water is and all along there are bite school or earlier evolution of them that you can fight as a good place to level up about half way though.

Hehe, and I thought the bite schools were a big secret and was already going to post about them. :smiley:

Btw. there are several of these spots on the final island, maybe those which are more distant have a slightly higher level,

I use them with a Jabbit or Blazerunner as trainer equipped with earth/fire ocarina. These guys have the fastest mass attack in game, so the bite schools won’t be able to land a single hit on you and two new monsters can be trained at a time.

A little earlier in game I also like the spot 2 east of Yelan as you can catch Duskrocs there which are pretty strong for a while. Aside from 2 mass attacks they can also self-destruct which can be helpful to quickly get the monsters on front which you use for catching.

Biteschool method lower levels- 3 north of Aurandal i used it to get my arks till around lvl70ish

I’m quite new and reading a lot. Can someone explain me the method? And…is that faster then going to infinite dungeon, put your mini aks on top, wait till they kill them and then come back?

^ strategy u just kill all the biteschools