Possible Training Spots

There is a spot 3 South and 1 West of Deucalis on the shore where you can fight upwards of about 30 Biteschool at a time and it seems to be the consensus of the best late/end game farming.

also the highest lvl is 99, so no way anyone is over lvl100+. But as krythephreak said, the best farming/grinding place is the spot near the shore soutwest of deucalis

Yes but in OP he is talking about a spot for people before Deucalion.

So it’s always nice to mention other spots that the end game grinding ones ! :smiley:

It’ll help out anyone needing some training before getting to the ice island 

What about a grinding spot for those who are not yet strong enough to get past Dahag???

No grinding spot before there, sadly.

Or perhaps there is, and no one has found it yet.

Wink wink

Nudge nudge

Hi guys, I found this spot west of the desert coliseum. It generates between 9-21 bite schools, been a good little grinder for me