Best places to train

Can y’all help please

At the bottom tip of crescent island there is a swarm of biteschool. If you keep beating them it gives pretty good exp.

3 spots to the south of the last town and 1 spot to the west.
Best xp spot in the game :smiley:
I can farm level 1-99 in about 40 minutes to 1 hour depending on how determined I am xD

To sum up both what both said. Go to the cresent island and go to one of the coasts. There’s a spot I like to go to thats close to second town on the island, the one with just a single warp panel. ( deucalis ) Go down from there, south three, then west one. Happy training! (:

If you go north of Aurandal and you can find swarms of about 10 biteschool if you haven’t got that far yet. Anywhere along that stretch of the coast if fine.


Can you post a screenshot? or town name?


Figured it out. Thanks!