Super Monster Challenge

i think with the right set up maybe its good anyway

i only use this to beat that extreme challenge

Wow! That’s so amazing, you guys can beat extreme challenge with that monsters. You guys are great strategist haha.

nearly soloed it with Godfeather on my 2nd account… the setup of the monsters is quite bad I think

Yes, not even touch my 11th monster

Well,Godfeather would have helped you there.
I hope i can roll it next festival season,It would be a great addition.

I’m finding this harder than any of the previous ones I’ve tried, go figure.

The extreme challenge was very easy, only lost 2 mons.

Hopefully the devs include a harder difficulty because all the extreme challenges are easy…

yes its very easy specially for those who have alot of very good monsters,sadly im not one of those, so i use strategy instead

Good job for you man. This is the only one that seems to be forcing me to change my team. I hate changing my setups though lol.

God job. Actually this challenge is not that difficult. If you have a godfeather or don penguin, you can even pass it through simply with this last biter~~

Oh it is possible to do it that way as well. Lol it would feel unstrategic for me to do that, but if it works then the method shouldn’t be faulted.